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Omiya Summer Festivals are planning to go ahead with the Omiya Nisshin Tanabata Festival. This will be the first time in three years that the festival is on. Furthermore, it is the 50th anniversary of the festival. Moreover, they are doing it in support of the Ukraine. They will be collecting donations on the day.

Nisshin Tanabata Festival

The Omiya Nisshin Tanabata Festival is one of several “Omiya Summer Festivals”. It is held annually on tanabata, August 7th*, and the preceding day – tanabata eve! However, in 2020 Saitama City cancelled all their summer festivals due to the pandemic. Official notification of cancellation. In 2021, they cancelled the vast majority of them again. But on May 24th 2022 the official Facebook page of the festival posted to say they are planning to go ahead:

*Tanabata Festival, known as the star festival in english, is either celebrated on July 7th or August 7th. It depends on the region. The majority of Tanabata celebrations in Saitama are on August 7th or in the days leading up to it. You will find several tanabata events on this blog.

The Nisshin tanabata festival, also known as the Nisshin Star Festival, offers music, performances, mikoshi and gourmet, in a normal year. Moreover, the main street has large star festival streamers as in the featured photo. However, in 2022, it will possibly be a festival “lite”, with less events than normal. Nisshin is the area where the excellent Kidzoona is in.


The Nisshin tanabata festival is held around the south entrance to Nisshin station and the Nisshin Primary School areas. Nisshin station is on the JR Kawagoe line.

If there is rain on the day they will either cancel or make changes to the schedule of the event.

The official website has not yet been updated, but you can see the most up-to-date information on their Facebook page (linked above).

The featured image is from the Saitama Tourism and International Relation Bureau’s official website. 

Other summer events held annually in Saitama City include:

  • Yono Summer Festival in July
  • Urawa Odori in July
  • Urawa Mikoshi event in July
  • Also in Urawa, Yosakoi in July
  • Kita Urawa Awa Odori in September
  • Omiya West Summer festival
  • Nakasendo Matsuri
  • Higashi Omiya Summer festival
  • Owada Fireworks
  • Higashi Urawa fireworks
  • Iwatsuki bunka fireworks


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