Numakage ice rink

Numakage Ice Rink – Each year, the summer pool in Numakage park, Minami Ward, is transformed into an outdoor ice rink during the winter months. However, the 2023 – 2024 season will be the last ever as the ice rink / pool is scheduled to be demolished at the end of March 2024. ;-( A fact made even more poignant as one of the last remaining winter outdoor ice rinks in Saitama. IMPORTANT UPDATE DECEMBER 16TH – they have delayed the opening of the rink until the 23rd due to the warmer than normal weather.

Numakage Ice Rink

Numakage Ice Rink is a reasonably priced outdoor ice skate rink in Numakage Park in Saitama City. There are other facilities of interest in the park as well, such as an indoor pool and yoga and pilate classes. During the winter holidays, the ice rink have special classes for kids. The rink opens late on weekends. If you just want to observe people skating you can enter the rink area for free.  At this moment in time, the only two seasonal outdoor ice rinks planning to open in 2023 – 2024 are this one and Kasa Skate Rink (the only natural ice rink in Saitama).

Skate lessons

This rink does provide skating lessons on select dates during the season. They also have special lessons for kids during the winter holidays. Generally lessons cost 1000 yen. You can see the schedule here.

Information 2023 – 2024

Event: Numakage Ice Rink 沼影公園アイススケートリンク

Dates: they have delayed the opening due to the warm weather. It will now open from Saturday December 16th *23rd* 2023 until Monday February 12th 2024. However, they close the rink on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day. Otherwise, the ice rink is generally open daily. But in the event of particularly bad weather the rink may either be closed for the whole day or they may change their opening hours.

Hours: Open 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays and until 8.50 pm on weekends and public holidays throughout the season.

Cost: the adult price is 660 yen. The children’s price is 320 yen for primary and high school students, children under 7 are free. Skate rental costs were also raised last year to 400 yen per person.

Venue: Numakage Outdoor Swimming Pool, 2 Chome-7-35 Numakage, Minami Ward, Saitama, 336-0027. View on Google Maps.

Numakage Ice Rink Access

The rink is a ten minute walk from JR Saikyo Line Musashi Urawa station. If you come by car, there is free parking for up to 150 cars.

Official website

For more ideas what to do in Winter in Saitama:

First published November 23rd 2016, R211122. Last republish November 28th 2023.

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