O park Ogose Satoyama Sky Lantern Night

The O park Bio Resort and Hotel will have their annual sky lantern event again this December, 2021. The full name of the event is “Satoyama Sky Lantern Night”. However, it is only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Also, please note that there is a charge of 2000 yen per person for this event.

O Park was initially Opark (one word) when they re-branded in 2018, but they now use two separate words. Moreover, they now go by the full name of Bio-resort Hotel & Spa O park Ogose. The resort has had more name changes in the last four years than I’ve had hot suppers, as we say back in Ireland! You might know it as Opark, You Park or Yuu Park or Little Indian Village or Ogose Fureai center or maybe another name that I’ve yet to hear of!

Whatever you call it, it is a very nice camping and glamping spot in Ogose town. Furthermore, they have a great roofed barbecue area for day trippers. Moreover, it has several recreational facilities that can be used by the general public too. Including their indoor baths and pool. As well as a great play area for kids. It is one of several leisure facilities in Saitama by Onsen Dojo.

Satoyama Sky Lantern

The Sky Lantern event is open to the public as well as guests of the resort. The lanterns are made out of helium and use LED lights so they are safe for children to use too. There are five different colors to choose from. The event is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in December between 8 and 9 pm. However, on nights that the weather is very bad they may cancel the event last minute. Participation costs 2000 yen per person.

sky lantern o park 2021

The featured image (at the top of post) is from the official press release for this event in 2020. And the photo above is from the 2021 press release from Onsen Dojo. Onsen Dojo as the management company manage the press releases of O park and several other hot springs and leisure facilities around Japan. Facilities in Saitama on this blog include:

Resort Information

Official Event web page

More information about the resort in English:

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