Flyer for the first ever Ogano Fireworks

News just in – Ogano Town in Chichicu District will have a fireworks festival on Tuesday August 16th! It will be the first ever fireworks festival in the town, not the first time to have fireworks! Indeed, Ogano town has long had a fireworks display on August 16th annually. However, it was part of a separate festival, a floating lantern festival. I don’t know yet if this fireworks festival will replace the floating lantern festival or if this fireworks festival is for 2022 only. They only released the information this week and have provided very few details yet.

The first ever Ogano fireworks

It has been very common this year for towns and cities to withhold festival information to the last minute. No doubt, influenced by the pandemic. While they want people to enjoy summer festivities, they don’t want to create a Covid breeding ground either! The Nishi Chichibu website only released this information on August 8th and the Ogano official tourism website on August 10th. By sheer luck, I happened to be on the Ogano tourism website today for another reason and saw it!

Ogano Fireworks Festival

Previously, Ogano Town had a floating lantern festival annually on August 16th, which culminated with a fireworks display. At that time, they launched about a 1000 fireworks. If they specified how many fireworks they plan to launch in 2022, I missed it! Presumably, it will be at least the same, but I would guess probably more as they turning the old festival into a fireworks display. For the record, this year there doesn’t seem to be a floating lantern festival. It remains to be seen if the fireworks festival will replace the floating lantern festival going forward.

In place of floating lanterns, this year there will be science shows before the fireworks! This year’s fireworks display and science shows are at the former Mitagawa Junior High School. Apart from the fireworks and science show, they will have some festival stalls selling such things as shaved ice (snow cones), frankfurters and croffles.

Science Show

The science show is based on the excellent Denjiro Science show, which we had the great pleasure of attending a few years ago. The Denjiro Science Show is normally about 2000 yen to participate in, but the science show in Ogano is free. Presumably the line up and contents will be different and probably no prizes either (see what its like when you pay into the show here). Moreover, it would seem it will not be Denjiro himself running the show.

There will be two shows – the first from 4.30 pm, entry into the venue from 4 pm. The second show is from 6 pm with entry into the venue from 5.30 pm. The fireworks follow from 7.30 pm…

Firework viewing

There are two ways you can view the fireworks this year. The first is to pay for a ticket for a seat on the rooftop of the former school where the festival takes place. The second is to watch from the grounds of the school for free. If you want a rooftop ticket it costs 1000 yen. They will be sold from 5.30 pm at the venue. Please note, they do not offer refunds for tickets not used.

As always, please refrain from visiting if you have a fever and / or are feeling unwell. Also, please do not visit if you are a close contact of somebody with Covid or if there is any chance you are currently carrying the Coronavirus. Ogano City also request that you refrain from visiting if you have been overseas in the last 14 days.


Date: Tuesday August 16th 2022, in the case of bad weather or extenuating circumstances the fireworks will be postponed until Saturday August 20th.

Time: from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm, the fireworks will be launched from 7.30 pm. From 4.30 pm there is a science show.

Cost: both the science show and fireworks are free. However, if you want a rooftop seat for the fireworks, it costs 1000 yen per person.

Where: the former Mitagawa Junior High School, 小鹿野町立 三田川中学校, 323 Iida, Ogano, Chichibu District, Saitama 368-0111. View on Google Maps.


There are three dedicated parking lots. Parking outside of the three designated parking lots is forbidden. The parking lots are:

  • Ogano martial arts hall parking lot
  • Ogano General Athletic Baseball Field parking lot
  • Chichibu Fuji Ryokami Office Employee parking lot

Please note that the first two are very close to the fireworks, so Ogano town warn that there is a chance your car could be hit by fireballs or powder from the fireworks, depending on the wind! For the latter, there is a shuttle bus from the office parking lot to the former school grounds.

Public transport is limited in this area. If you want to make a night of it, there are some affordable accommodations in the area. Such as Midori no Mura which is within walking distance – about 25 minutes on foot. Yoshida Genki Mura is about 15 minutes in the car.


  1. seems to be the season for fireworks in Japan! Did you hear about Yerevan??? apparently fireworks went off in the shopping centre – by the looks of the footage blew the place up!

    1. Author

      Gosh, no I hadn’t, but just Googled it. That’s terrible. Looks like it was a fireworks storage facility. Terrible tragedy

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