Ogawa tanabata

Ogawa town celebrate their Tanabata “star” festival for two days annually at the end of July. The fireworks normally happen on the first night. However, in 2021 the fireworks are cancelled. Moreover there will be no events or festival stalls.

It was announced this is one of several firework and star festival events that will not go ahead in Saitama in 2021. However, at a later date they decided to at least put up the decorations:

2021 information

The tanabata decorations – the star festival streamers – will be up in select locations in Ogawamachi for five days only between August 5th and 9th.

Official website.

In a normal year

In a normal year, they decorate the area around Ogawamachi station for the Star Festival. They use thousands of paper streamers. The streamers are on bamboo as are most tanabata decorations. Moreover, what makes these paper streamers special is that they are made from washi paper. Ogawa town is famous for washi paper.

During the two day festival there is normally music and dance as well as festival stalls. There are 150 stalls at the event. The event generally attracts about 200,000 visitors. In 2022, even if the festival goes ahead they will most likely downsize it largely to deter this amount of visitors.

Ogawa tanabata streamers
Ogawa Tanabata streamers from official prefectural site

Ogawa Tanabata Festival Fireworks

They normally launch about 1800 fireworks between 19.15 and 20.30 on the Saturday night of the festival. However, the fireworks and festival will not be on in 2021. Queries to the festival committee at 0493-72-0280.

Ogawa Town is home to Saitama’s longest roller slide:


Saitama’s longest roller slide at Miharashi no Oka Park | OGAWA

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