Trees and Autumn colors reflected in the lake in Oisezuka Park Kawagoe

Parks in Kawagoe – Oisezuka Park on the outskirts of Kawagoe, near Tsurugashima and Sakado Cities. It is relatively close to Kawajiama Town too. It is neither the largest nor the most popular, but it has a few things going for it that bring a regular stream of visitors. Moreover, during the pandemic in 2020 when there was a stay home directive during the cherry blossom season, the park became more famous. Because it has an avenue of cherry blossoms that make a tunnel along the side of the park, it became a popular spot for drive thru cherry blossom viewing! The autumn colors in the park are very nice too.

Oisezuka Park

Oisezuka Park Kawagoe

The Oisezuka Park in Kawagoe is quite small, but it is quite picturesque. It has a lovely well groomed open lawn that is great for a picnic and / or playing ball, chasing or blowing bubbles. Due to some of the seasonal blooms, including kantsubaki in winter, and the bird life in the adjacent marsh, the park is probably most popular with local photographers.


The playground is basic, but it has some nice climbing and athletic equipment that will challenge elementary school age.  There is a combination unit that smaller children will enjoy. There are tennis courts in the park too. As well as some athletic equipment, but not much else.

Cherry blossoms

There is a lake in the park with some gorgeous cherry blossoms around it. There are also some cherry blossom trees in the playground too. They are of the late blooming yaezakura variety, you can see one beginning to bloom in the photo above. Although, there are some great cherry blossoms in the park, you typically don’t see many people enjoying hanami there. If hanami didn’t fall during end of school year holidays, it might be more crowded as the Tokyo International University is near.

But while you don’t see that many people hanami in the park, you will see many people taking photos. And even more walking around the area. As all around the park there are cherry blossoms of note. Oisezuka park is beside Koaze river, with a nice walkway. There are more cherry blossoms along the river. In addition, the avenue of cherry blossoms along the road by the park are particularly stunning, creating a tunnel. It has become a popular place for drive by “hanami” during the pandemic. Pick up a coffee at the neighboring drive thru Starbucks and drive through the tunnel of mature cherry blossoms!

Autumn Colors

The park looks quite pretty in November when you can see yellows, oranges and the maple leaves starting to change. There are large colorful trees around the lake, so you can get a shot with the trees reflected in the water. There is a large gingko tree at the pedestrian entrance by Oisebashi bridge. In mid December the tsubaki which the park is quite known for, start to bloom.

Iseharacho Starbucks

Starbucks by Oisezuka Park, Kawagoe

In February 2019, the fifth branch of Starbucks in Kawagoe opened beside Oisezuka Park. Many refer to it as the Oisezuka Starbucks, but its official name is Iseharacho Starbucks. Apart from the aforementioned drive thru, this branch also has a nice terrace. On the east side the terrace is quite narrow. However, on the North East it opens into a larger terrace with tables for four with sun umbrellas.

Iseharacho Starbucks
Hours: 7.30 am to 10 pm.
Address: 〒350-1108 Saitama, Kawagoe, Iseharacho, 3 Chome−2−3. On Google Maps
Access: 20 minutes walk from Matoba station
Links: Official website.
More Starbucks in Saitama prefecture.


Oisezuka Park is about a 20 minute walk from Kasumigaseki Station on the Tobu Tojo Line. The parking in Oisezuka Park is limited, but free. The car park is quite narrow, but it takes a Japanese eight seater no problem. There are toilets beside the car park.

Official website

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