Okegawa Children's Park

There is a lovely playground in Okegawa City Children’s Park, Wanpaku Village, 桶川市子ども公園わんぱく村。It is old, but it is a lot of fun. Moreover, kids love it. This post was written in 2013, but we have been back to the park a few times since and the kids still love the playground there.

Playground at Okegawa Children’s Park

Today’s play-a-day was a new park for us, but I’m guessing Okegawa Children’s Park has been around a long time. The “monster” in the center of the park is a giveaway; it could do with a lick of paint. I don’t think its officially supposed to be a monster, it just looks like one!  It is still functional and was a huge hit with all the kids.

Playground equipment at Okegawa Children's Park

I didn’t think much of the park on our first visit to be honest, but my toddlers enjoyed it. However, when we went back a couple of years later I could see it in a new light! My older two were able to play with with the adventure playground equipment then, including a flying fox, and enjoyed it more for that. And credit where credit is due: the section for small children is very nice. 

Are you looking for a playground with some unusual playground equipment? The playground here has some unusual play equipment that we’ve never seen anywhere else. Including a unique cement whale and boat linked together by a low bridge made of tyres (pictured in the gallery above). It is in a sand pit as is the slide of a cement climbing feature. One side has spikes to climb on and there is a tunnel under the top of the slide. There are some stepping stones and a cement turtle in the sand pit too.

The toadstool seats beside this area are cute and fun for the kids. There are 4 swings in one corner of this area. The rest of the playground is more suited to older children. There is a flying fox as well as lots of different climbing equipment. The monstrosity in the middle of the park, plus one of the climbing frames have cement slides.

Small children would play for a couple of hours in this park, but older children might bore after an hour.

Okegawa Children’s Park information

There are vending machines and a public phone at the pedestrian entrance to the park. Parking is free. It is a bit tricky to find as the entrance is narrow and hard to see. Update 2016: they have put pedestrian lights near the entrance to the parking for this park and there is a convenience store across the road. Hopefully you will be able to spot the entrance easier with these landmarks.

Official website

In the area

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  1. Awesome pics… nice post.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.. 🙂
    Greeting from Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

    1. Author

      Likewise, thank you for stopping by mine! You have an amazing blog with great photos. 🙂

  2. That looks like a fun place to place (even if it’s a little shabby!) Kids don’t notice such stuff; they just see the fun to be had! 🙂 Hope you are all well and happy. 🙂

    1. Author

      Very well and very happy thank you 🙂 We’ve been finding lots of really fun places lately. I can’t believe we still haven’t exhausted the new playgrounds yet; we’ve another 100 or so within an hour of us to venture to. Life is good! I hope you are keeping well and happy too 😉

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