omiya dai ni plum blossom festival

Omiya Daini Park is one of Omiya’s three eponymous public parks. They are all located relatively close together, but Omiya Dai Ni, or Omiya second park in English, and Omiya Dai San, Omiya third park, are right beside each other. Omiya Dai Ni park is best known for its plum blossoms that bloom in February annually. They have a plum blossom festival during the period of bloom. The park also has several different seasonal flowers and blooms. In addition, the park hosts several events throughout the year. You will find information for the plum and cherry blossom festivals, and the park in each season in this post.

Omiya Dai Ni Plum blossoms

There are approximately 500 plum blossom trees of 40 different varieties. It is the only large size plum grove in Saitama’s capital, Saitama City. There are several other plum blossom groves in the prefecture though. The plum grove is on the North West of Daini park. But the park merges into Owada Park. In that sense it is in the middle of the parks! It isn’t a particularly large area, but it is pretty.

Omiya dai ni park plum blossoms
Taken by the playground on February 27th 2021

Its much smaller than the other plum blossom groves that Saitama is famous for such as Ogose Bairin and Hodosan Bairin. However, there are plum blossoms in bloom throughout the park in different areas. Even by the playground there are a few plum blossom trees. In the grove you can see plum blossoms contrasted with pine trees, as in the featured photo at the top of this post.

Omiya Plum Blossom Festival

omiya dai ni plum blossoms and plum festival

The 38th annual Omiya Daini Plum Blossom Festival will start on Saturday February 17th. However, the main events don’t start until a week later on Friday February 23rd. From the 23rd until the last day of the festival on March 10th, they will have various events such as concerts, tea ceremony and a flea market. As pictured above, they also have food trucks in the park during the period of the plum blossom festival.

Date: from Saturday February 17th to Sunday March 10th 2024

Time: no yet specified for 2024

Cost: there is no admission fee

Official notification of intent to hold the festival.

Cherry Blossoms at Omiya Daini Park

Omiya daini park is not just famous for its plum blossoms, there are some stunning cherry blossoms in the park too
Cherry blossoms – image from the official website linked in information section

Omiya Park is famous for cherry blossoms. However, Omiya Dai Ni park also has some beautiful mature cherry blossom trees. The main display of cherry blossoms is around the pond in the park. They are of the Somei Yoshino variety. Each year they have a cherry blossom festival:

Cherry Blossom Festival

Omiya Dai Ni Sakura Matsuri 2024

In 2024, the cherry blossom festival is on Saturday March 23rd from 9.30 am to 3 pm. It is one of several cherry blossom festivals on in Saitama City on that day in 2024. Others include a festival at Japan’s longest cherry blossom corridor, festival, food trucks and light up at Iwatsuki Castle park and Sakura Ward‘s cherry blossom festival at two different locations. To name, but a few.

Summer flowers and Iris festival

Iris Garden at Omiya dai ni park which is best known for its plum blossoms
Iris garden out of season

Locally Omiya Second Park is particularly known for its rainy season flowers. There is an Iris garden and hundreds of hydrangea in the park. There are approximately 2600 iris in the iris garden of Omiya Dai ni Park. Normally they bloom in June.

Iris Festival 2024

iris festival 2024 at Omiya Daini Second Park

They will have a one day iris festival in 2024 in both Omiya Second and Third Parks. It is on Sunday June 2nd from 10 am to 4 pm, but the market at the festival closes at 2 pm. At this festival they plant the sunflowers that grow later in the summer. You can actually join in and help them plant them, but you need to reserve a place. The website is linked in the information section at the bottom of the post. Official website.

There are also sunflowers in the park in summer.


Dai Ni, which means second or number two, is often written as one word: Omiya Daini Park. The park has a playground, tennis courts and coin operated battery cars. There are toilets in at least two different locations. There is an open green area by the playground where you can play ball. Bikes are allowed in the park.

Omiya Daini Park
Address:Omiya Dai Ni Park (or often written Omiya Daini Park), Omiya Ward, Saitama, 330-0805
Hours:24 hours, but parking maybe closed overnight
Cost:Free and free parking
Online:Official website
Twitter account

Omiya Plum Blossoms Access

Omiya Daini park is on route 2 close to the intersection of route 1 and route 2. The area is always very congested so expect traffic. Parking is free and when there is no event on, is sufficient. However, during plum blossom and cherry blossom seasons, it can be hard to get a parking spot.

By public transport, both Omiyakoen and Omiya Stations are within walking distance. It takes about 10 minutes on foot from Tobu Noda Line’s Omiyakoen station and about 20 minutes on foot from Omiya Station.

More information on Omiya Park:

Other plum blossom locations in Saitama Prefecture:

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