August Nakasendo Omiya summer festival

The Nakasendo matsuri is just one of many festivals that is normally held in Omiya at the end of July and start of August each summer. They are collectively called “Omiya Summer Festival”. A couple of them went ahead in 2022, but not this one. This is the first time in four years the Nakasendo Festival will be on.

omiya nakasendo festival
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Nakasendo Matsuri

The festival is held annually on August 1st and 2nd whether it is a weekend or not. The Nakasendo or Nakasendo trail was a type of highway that linked Kyoto to current day Tokyo. There are dozens of festivals held on the Nakasendo in Saitama annually. This is one of the bigger ones.

On both nights the festival starts from roughly 5 pm and includes a mikoshi procession, dance – such as Awa Odori – and traditional music. (A mikoshi is a palanquin or portable shrine).  It takes place around the east exit of the station. On the 1st it finishes up at 9 pm, but on the 2nd it finishes at 10 pm.

Some of the festivals go ahead if it is raining, but generally the Nakasendo festival is cancelled if it rains.


Event: Nakasendo Matsuri・Omiya Summer Festivals 大宮夏まつり 2023中山道まつり

Dates: August 1st and 2nd annually

Time: from 5 pm to 9 pm on the 1st and until 10 pm on the 2nd.

Cost: there is no admission fee

Venue: Around the east exit of Omiya Station. 1 Chome Daimoncho, Omiya Ward, Saitama, 330-0846. View on Google maps.


They advise you come by public transport. The festival is held very close to the East exit of Omiya Station.

Official website.

Please always check for any last minute changes on the official website, particularly if there has been a typhoon or other natural disaster.

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