Onouchi Hyakkei Icicles

The organizers announced suddenly on Monday February 19th that the icicles would close for the season on that day. Not surprising though, given the very warm weather we’ve been having. The next time this event will be on is January 2025, all things equal.

Onouchi Icicles are one of three icicle winter spectacles of Chichibu. The icicles are located in Ogano Town, deep in the Okuchichibu mountain range. Until 2021 they were called Onouchi Hyakkei. “Hyakkei” means hundred and the Saitama Prefectural Tourism website translated the icicles name as Onouchi Hundred Icicles. However, they were always most commonly referred to as the Romanized version of their Japanese name. They dropped the ‘hyakkei’ in 2021 and now they are just called Onouchi Icicles or Onouchi Tsurara in Japanese.

Onouchi Icicles

Onouchi Icicles Chichibu

The Onouchi icicles are in the Ogano town area of Chichibu district.  These icicles are made from an artificial flow of water. The icicles are then naturally formed by the climate of the area, it is just their water supply is artificial. And the locals work strategically to control the flow and thus the formation of the icicles. The locals are well praised for not only their ingenuity, but their hospitality. In a “normal” (non pandemic year) you can receive amezake for free and they have a bonfire lit where visitors can warm themselves.

Onouch Hyakkei
Image from Ogano Town tourism website

While they may not be natural icicles, they are breathtaking. The suspension bridge that runs in front of the icicles adds not only to the scenery, but to the ambiance and thrill of visiting these icicles. You can get up close to the icicles thanks to the suspension bridge.

The Icicles in 2024

In 2022 Onouchi icicles were on properly for the first time in three years. Between 2019 and 2021 due to warm weather and then the pandemic, the icicles were a non-event! They are scheduled again for 2024, with night light too on select dates. Two years ago in 2022, was one of the best years ever for all three of Chichibu’s icicles due to cold weather conditions. Hopefully 2024 will be the same. However, there is also the possibility that, like in 2019, the icicles could form later and / or melt early. We’ll just have to wait and see! Which is what has happened – as of January 5th the icicles have not yet formed in 2024.

But Ogano town have set the official period for the 2024 Onouchi icicles as from Sunday January 7th to Sunday February 25th 2024. For years these icicles stayed open the longest, until the end of February, but in 2024 Ashigakubo will also stay open until February 25th. However, Onouchi generally stay frozen the longest. It is not unusual for them to still be frozen in early March, unlike Ashigakubo and Misotsuchi which are generally completely gone by the end of February. Of course, weather plays a big part, so this is all subject to change depending on the weather conditions. Prime viewing though is generally from the end of January to early February.

Special event

There is usually at least one special event on during the period of the icicles. However, information for the 2024 special event is not yet available, not even on February 11th 2024. So there may not be any additional events this season.

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Hisatsuki Icicles ひさつき氷柱
There are actually other icicles in Ogano that are completely off the beaten path and you won’t find any other information online in English (until somebody copies this!) anywhere on the worldwide web! The Hisatsuki Icicles will also be open to the public from January 7th to February 25th 2024. They are about 8.4 kilometers, or a 15 minute drive from Onouchi Icicles. View on Google Maps.

(Featured photo at the top of the post is from Saitama Prefecture Industry and Labor Department, Tourism Division)

2024 Information

Event: Onouchi Icicles 尾ノ内氷柱

Dates: from Sunday January 7th Saturday January 13th to Sunday February 25th 19th 2024. The opening was delayed due to the warm weather and the icicles also finished early for the same reason.

Hours: 8 am to 4 pm Sunday to Friday. The park is opened until 8 pm on the Saturdays and Sundays that the night light up is on…

Light up: the light up will be on Saturday and Sunday nights only from Saturday January 27th to public holiday February 12th. From dusk to 8 pm.

Cost: Between 2019 and 2021 there was no charge due to the poor condition of the icicles and / or the pandemic. Before 2019 it cost 200 yen for adults and high school aged children to enter the area the icicles are in. But the price went up in 2022 to 400 yen and its going up again in 2024 – to 500 yen.

Venue: Onouchi Gorge, 尾ノ内渓谷, Kawarasawa, Ogano, Chichibu District, Saitama 368-0113. View on Google Maps.

Access Onouchi Icicles

The icicles are very hard to get to by public transport, but some say it’s worth the effort. You need to get a train to Seibu Chichibu station and then take three buses. First you take a bus for the Ogana City office. From there you transfer to a bus terminus “Ogana shako”. You transfer there to a bus for Sakamoto. All in all it takes over an hour and you have to be careful about the bus times as they are very infrequent. It is highly recommended that you use a tour bus or come by car.

If you are driving, in theory, you could visit all three icicles in the one day, but it would be impossible to see the light up for all three in the one night! The parking for the icicles are off route 299, down a country road from Ryutou shrine. They used to charge for parking, 500 yen a day, but currently there is no mention of parking fees.

Address: 996-1, Kawarasawa, Ogano town Chichibu county (Map below).

2024 Official web page which is currently just a skeleton page.

The three great icicles of Chichibu

Of the three icicle displays in Chichibu, only one of them is completely natural. The Misotsuchi icicles in the Otaki area of Chichibu are Oku Chichibu’s only naturally formed winter beauty spot . The water freezes coming over rock to create the stunning natural ice sculptures.


The Ashigakubo Icicles are the easiest to get to by public transport:



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