Cafe Mozart Former School Shimozato Ogawa

Cafe Mozart is the cafe on the grounds of the former Ogawa Town Shimozato school since April 1st 2018. The school is known to many as Ashigaoka school from the Non Non Biyori anime. The cafe is attached to the acclaimed school, which has become a popular destination for fans of the anime. But that’s not the only draw of the cafe…

Mozart cafe attributes

Organic cafe

Organic cafe Mozart farm in Ogawa Town Saitama
You can see the farm from the cafe

Many of the visitors, particularly locals, come for the food rather than the stardom. It is one of the few partially organic cafes for miles around. The vegetables are not just organic, but they are homegrown fresh from the next door farm.


They do not have a fixed menu. It is a daily menu with two to four dishes. The dishes change daily. They pin the menu of the day to a beam by the cash register. They don’t have children’s meals, but they can provide extra plates or bowls and cutlery. You can share drinks too.


Cafe Mozart We sat out on the wooden deck under the sakura

Another pull is the scenery. The yard of the school and cafe has stunning mature cherry blossoms. The cafe is nestled in a small valley. In the Autumn the surrounding hills are dotted with colour.


Also, while some come because it is “that” school from Non Non Biyori, some just want to experience the school decor of the interior of the cafe. They have school desks as tables and blackboards with chalk art.


Organic Cafe Mozart Ogawa in a converted school

Along the large windows that face the farm, they have school desks as tables. Inside has 20 seats and there are a further twelve outside on the deck. All non smoking and no pets.

Cafe Mozart Ogawa terrace

Outside, they have a beautiful outdoor deck with further seating. These are not school desks. They each fit up to four diners. The deck is right under a magnificent cherry blossom tree and also has a view of the farm. It has a view of the hills which have wild sakura blooming in spring and beautiful shades of colour during Autumn.


The outdoor seating of the cafe also has a view of the playground. There are more sakura trees in the yard of the school too.

Play area for toddlers at Shimozato ES

There is a play are for toddlers in front of the deck too.

Cafe Mozart Information

Organic Cafe Mozart Ogawa Shimozato former elementary school non non biyori
Mozart Cafe
Address:824 Shimozato, Ogawa, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0323 (map below)
Hours:They are open most days, but occasionally they are closed early in the week. They post to their Facebook page, linked below, when they plan to close.
Cost:budget for around 1,100 yen
Web: Official Facebook Page

Access Cafe Mozart

The nearest station is Ogawa machi on the Tobu Tojo and JR Hachiko lines. Not to be confused with the Ogawamachi in Tokyo! It’s only about an hour and a half from Tokyo, all in, if you get a taxi from the station. You can also hire a bike or take a bus part of the way. It takes much longer if you walk as it is a 40 minute walk from the station.



You can get a bus part of the way. From the station you can get a bus to “Ogawa Park Hill” and alight at “Dento Kugei Kaikan”「伝統工芸会館前」 . It is about a 15 minute walk from there.


By Car

Parking is free. It is at the back of the school. You go through the school gate and down a dirt road until you see it past the organic farm.


More about the school:


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