Icelandic poppies at Spring outdoor park

“Outdoor Park” is a Bi-annual event at Shinrin Park (officially Musashi Kyuryo National Government Park) in Namegawa town.

Every year Shinrin park hold two “Outdoor Park” events: one in Autumn and one in Spring. The autumn event used to be the main one with lots of stage performances and special events, but it is only on for two days on a weekend in Autumn. But the spring one is generally on for longer, during Golden Week. Moreover, this spring it will be the biggest Outdoor Park to date. On for a total of nine days spread out over three weekends.

Spring Outdoor Park 2024

As the name suggests, Outdoor Park is an event that celebrates the great outdoors. At the event there are dozens of activities you can try. But please note, most of them you have to pay for. And its not just for children, adults can play too! Adults can play too. Most activities cost 1000 yen. They include such things as bungee trampoline, air sliders, grass skiing, canoeing and kayaking and treeing. More on treeing at Shinrin Park here.

In addition to the activities you can try there is a “Botanical Picnic” area with food trucks and food stalls. However, the botanical picnic area is only open on the second half of Golden Week – from May 3rd to 6th. The food trucks and all the activities are in the vicinity of the “Undo Hiroba” where the giant air trampoline is. Currently Icelandic Poppies are in bloom in the adjacent flower field. They will probably still be in bloom for the first week of Golden week. Then in early May the shirley poppies should be in bloom.

Keiryu no Hiroba

The water play area near the central gate will open from April 27th. This is the smaller water play area, a wading river, not the big fancy one near the West gate! That will open later in the year. More information for the wading river.


Shinrin Park is what the locals call it, but the official name is Musashi-kyuryo National Park. The nearest entrances to this event are the West and central gates.

Event: Spring Outdoor Park 2024


  • Saturday April 27th
  • Sunday April 28th
  • Monday April 29th
  • Friday May 3rd
  • Saturday May 4th
  • Sunday May 5th
  • Monday May 6th
  • Saturday May 11th
  • Sunday May 12th

Time: 10 am to 4 pm

Cost: it costs 450 yen for adults to enter Shinrin Park. There is no charge for children. However, most of the activities at Outdoor Park incur a cost as outlined above.

Venue: Shinrin Park Undo Hiroba, Yamata, Namegawa, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0802. View on Google Maps.

Outdoor Park Access

A bus goes from the Tobu Tojo Line Shinrinkoen Station to the West exit. There is plenty of parking at Shinrin Park with parking lots at each of the four entrances (North, South, West and Central) to the park. Parking costs 650 700 yen for the day. There are also cheaper independent parking lots by the South and Central exits.

Official Site

General information about Shinrin Park on this blog:

Editor’s note: this post was originally published in 2016 on the events calendar. Further to the uninstalling of the event calendar plug-in, the event was republished on the main blog in April 2022. It was republished with the updated information for 2023 on April 13th 2023. Last update April 23rd 2024.

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