Little planet

A new digital and creative play space for children, Little Planet, is opening in the Lalaport in Shinmisato on July 11th 2018. Little Planet or Litpla for short The Little Planet or Litpla play centers use virtual reality and mapping technology. The Lalaport Shinmisato official website refers to it asRead More →

fujimi childrens festival

The 46th annual Fujimi City Children’s Festival is on Sunday, April 21st, from 10 am to 3 pm.  Each year they have a theme for the festival. This years theme is “wide smiling children’s festival”: a very poor literal translation of the Japanese version! There are a number of differentRead More →

Studio Cafe Zoo Adventure This is my go-to cafe for a bit of break from the kids, while with the kids. It is one of the few places I know that allow children play unsupervised, unless they are 3 years old or under. The play area is sectioned off fromRead More →

Looking for a dolls display in Fujimi, Saitama? At Nanbata Castle park‘s period house you can view a dolls display for free annually. These dolls may not be to the level of the Konosu Bikkuri Hina Matsuri pyramid displays, but they are  pretty and come with their own history.   DollsRead More →

Nanbata Castle Park Musket Shooting Festival

Nanbata Castle Park in Fujimi City. In Saitama‘s oldest published post! When you search for things to do in Fujimi, or indeed ask somebody for recommendations, Lalaport Fujimi is probably the most common answer you’ll get. But before Lalaport opened, the recommendation was – in my memory anyway – NanbataRead More →

Saitama Coronavirus updates – Unfortunately the previous Covid-19 update post has started to lag already. The post is too big: 3 pages of updates from August 1st to August 20th. I tried to add the August 21st information, but the post keeps bottoming out. I will add updates from AugustRead More →

Extended closures Saitama due to Covid19

Covid19 Saitama – This is the list of places that have re-opened or remained closed after the initial round of Covid19 closures in Saitama Prefecture, just north of Tokyo. Jump to open places. Covid19 Closures Saitama At the end of February 2020 dozens of places in Saitama Prefecture announced theyRead More →

pancake tuesday 2020

Pancakes are now a popular treat in Japan. Some even eat them for breakfast and it is very common to find them on a breakfast buffet menu. They are also popular for lunch and / or as a dessert. Many restaurants have pancakes on their menu and there are specialtyRead More →

Saitama Santa Meet and Greet locations

A reader has suggested that the Saitama Santa Meet and greet locations are hard to find on the event calendars among all the other winter and christmas events. So I’ve put together a Santa round up for 2018 in the hope that it is easier to find a Santa nearRead More →