Extended closures Saitama due to Covid19

Covid19 Saitama – This is the list of places that have re-opened or remained closed after the initial round of Covid19 closures in Saitama Prefecture, just north of Tokyo. Jump to open places. Covid19 Closures Saitama At the end of February 2020 dozens of places in Saitama Prefecture announced theyRead More →

Cancelled events in Saitama in 2020

Cancelled events in Saitama in 2020. Jump to the live list. Jump to events that are currently going ahead as planned. Even before the Department of Labor, Welfare, and Health encouraged the cancellation of all largely attended events (due to the Coronavirus Outbreak) on February 20th 2020, there had alreadyRead More →

Chichibu Muse Park Plum Blossom Festival

Chichibu Muse Park Plum Blossom Festival was scheduled for Sunday March 8th, but the park announced its cancellation for 2020 at the end of February. In a bid to try and curb the Covid 19 Coronavirus outbreak, the Saitama Prefecture requested that every event – indoor or out – thatRead More →

Coronavirus Saitama

Coronavirus Saitama up until March 15th 2020 – List of places that are closed and open during the Covid 19 outbreak in Saitama Prefecture, just north of Tokyo. Jump to open places. This article was last updated and closed on March 15th 2020. Information for and from of March 16thRead More →

A summary of events on in Saitama from February 8th to 11th. All of these (and more) are on the events calendar, but when I post information for an event on the events calendar unfortunately it doesn’t get sent out to subscribers the way a new post does. To bridgeRead More →

The Otaki Ice festival, illuminated Misotsuchi Icicles in 2021 – One of the most famous, and beautiful, winter scenes of Saitama is at the Otaki Ice Festival – in the former Otaki village – in Chichibu. The Misotsuchi Icicles are the only naturally formed icicles of the three Great iciclesRead More →

saitama pools saitama summer outdoor pools aqua parks in Saitama toda kodomo no kuni pool

Saitama Pools ~ In about a month’s time more than a dozen summer outdoor pools will open for the 2019 season. Below is a round up of 19 of Saitama’s seasonal outdoor pools. Please note that the majority of swimming pools have a last entry that is an hour beforeRead More →

free foot spa at yoshida genki mura chichibu kakkaku dam saitama japan

Yoshida Genki Mura – Cabin Accommodation in scenic Ogano town nicknamed Yoshida Rocket Town after the annual rocket festival. Yoshida Genki Mura is located next to Kakkaku Dam. There is a Biomass Generator educational facility on site as well as sporting facilities and a river where kids can play inRead More →

Horse riding poppy fields

Horse Riding Poppy Fields – The icelandic poppies are currently blooming in Shinrin Park at the moment. Each year Shinrin Park have a horse trekking event during the period that the poppies are in bloom. They also have horse trekking events at other times of the year. This year theRead More →

Peach Blossoms Yoshida

This time of year the hype is all about the cherry blossoms. However, there are some other blooming trees that are equally stunning and colourful. I personally love peach blossoms and their bright pink petals. We planned a weekend away to Chichibu to view the stunning peach blossoms of theRead More →