On this the 50th anniversary of the Shinkansen (bullet train), October 1st 2014, it seems fitting to introduce one of Saitama’s top attractions.  Japan’s second largest train / Railway Museum, in Omiya,  鉄道博物館. It is known locally as Omiya train museum and as Saitama railway museum nationwide. Whatever you chose to call itRead More →

About things to do “In Saitama” ~ with or without kids. 2019 update: There are currently 515 published posts, and 193 posts in the pipeline, on things to do in Saitama. There are also 571 events for Saitama on insaitama.com June 14th 2018 Saitama with kids is 10 years oldRead More →

Updated March 2016 The STEPS system is undergoing some changes. There are still weekly meet ups, but not on a fixed day or in a fixed location. Please join the facebook group for details.   Saitama Tots English Playdates (STEPS) https://www.facebook.com/groups/saitamasteps/   Updated March 2015 STEPS weekly meet up isRead More →