Denjiro's Science Show

The Denjiro Science Show, live performance, report from Fresa Yoshimi, Summer 2019. Denjiro Yonemura Denjiro Yonemura is Japan’s “mad scientist”. You may have seen him on the TV, perform one of his magic like experiments or science projects. They are normally playful and involve the participation of at least oneRead More →

Saitama Sakura

This is an update of an older post about the Sakura in Saitama. For a sakura guide written specifically for 2021: Saitama Sakura 2021 Saitama Sakura – Saitama may not be particularly well known for our cherry blossoms, but we still have plenty of places to enjoy cherry blossoms, cherryRead More →

About things to do “In Saitama” ~ with or without kids. 2019 update: There are currently 515 published posts, and 193 posts in the pipeline, on things to do in Saitama. There are also 571 events for Saitama on June 14th 2018 Saitama with kids is 10 years oldRead More →