Pampers in Japan

Pampers Japan – Among all the free stuff I got while staying at the hospital was a pampers box. The pampers box came with four nappies(diapers), a pack of wipes for delicate skin,  a sample of baby washing detergent, information and coupons for nappies and baby goods at toys-r-us and akachan honpo.

Pampers Japan
Pampers box given free at my maternity hospital

Pampers is the most popular brand used by hospitals for newborn babies in Japan.  They are also very popular among consumers even though there are cheaper alternatives available.  You can buy pampers nappies in most baby and hardware stores.  However, in my experience Nishimatsuya does not carry the brand.  You can also buy Pampers nappies in Costco and other foreign retail stores.  For the record, I actually have found Cainz to be the cheapest for Pampers nappies.

 Pampers Japan Urine indicator strip

Like most of the nappies in Japan, Pampers come with a strip to indicate when the baby has urinated.  If the strip turns from yellow to blue you know your baby needs a diaper change!  I have tried other brands in Japan, but I have found Pampers to be the most absorbent and most comfortable at all ages.

When joining a baby shop’s point system you often get samples of nappies to try out.  At my maternity hospital other than the sample we got during our stay I had also received samples at antenatal classes.  These are really handy for the nappy bag for a trip out. Although, if your baby is anything like mine, they pee and poop all the time and you’ll need a nappy an hour!

I refer to the hospital I gave birth in and received the diapers from in this post. For the record, the maternity hospital is Keiai Maternity Hospital in Fujimi. I had four very positive birthing experiences there, but I always recommend that you thoroughly research your maternity hospital or birthing clinic to ensure it is a good match to your needs.

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  1. I’m due to deliver around Christmas and was wondering where could I get some free samples of diaper and wipes…or just bout anything free.

    1. Author

      Candy have you signed up to any of the baby shops point cards? With Akachan honpo and babies-r-us once you get a membership card they normally give you a bag of goodies with samples of diapers included. Also, on my first child I picked up samples at various drug stores – some were readily available at the diapers section, some I asked the staff if they had any samples! The town hall (yakuba) gave me a couple of samples when I attended their antenatal classes, but the best source of samples was my hospital. Does your hospital have antenatal classes?

      1. I’ll go right away and get an Akachan pt card. I think my hospital offers the class because they told me to take along a translator for Nov 22 apt. so I’m assuming that’s the class. Is the town hall same as the city hall? Do you think I’ll have to wait until baby gets here so start asking? DOnt wanna seems so greedy (although I am).

        1. Author

          I think when they see the bump they will oblige; if they have them. When I was pregnant with my son they used to have samples beside the diaper section in my local Welcia. I noticed on this pregnancy that they didn’t have any out at all! But there is no harm in asking right.
          My hospital had about 6 antenatal classes and at each one we got handed a gift bag with a pressie from the hospital and lots of samples inside. I loved going to the antenatal classes!!

  2. Author

    City hall is the equivalent of town hall. I live in town hence it’s a town hall. But because it’s a town the system is probably a bit different to the city halls. I am not sure if all town / cities offer antenatal classes, but it might be worth ringing them to see. Another benefit of the maternity classes is getting to meet other women due around the same time as you in the same area as you.

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