Hot air balloon at canola fields in Fujimi

Information for the 2024 Higashi Okubo Nanohana Matsuri, aka Canola / Rapeseed Festival, in Fujimi City. A highlight of this festival is a hot air balloon ride that affords panoramic views of the canola fields from above. In addition to the one day festival, there is an area where you can pick the canola for free for a whole month and that is already open to the public now, since March 10th 2024.

Higashi Okubo Canola Fields

There are acres of “Nanohana” 菜の花 in the Higashi Okubo area of Fujimi City. They are located close to Bin Numa Marsh – the Fujimi one! There are two Bin Numa Marsh parks about a kilometer apart, as the crow flies. But one is in Kawagoe and the other in Fujimi. Both border Saitama City’s Nishi (West) Ward. The Binnuma River marks the border of the cities. There is also canola flowers along the embankments of the Binnuma River. The canola flowers in this area typically bloom from around mid March to around Mid April.

Higashi okubo canola fields
Fujimi’s mascots in the canola fields, with cherry blossoms in the background.
From the Prefectural Tourism Office

The Higashi Okubo Canola fields are located south of the Fujimi Bin Numa Marsh. There are sections where you can see the canola flowers backdropped by the cherry blossoms of Bin Numa Marsh park. Last year, the cherry blossoms bloomed early and were green by the time of the one day canola flower festival was on. But this year the bloom period is more like an average year and they may still be in bloom for the one day festival which is on Sunday April 7th this year. This also marks the last day of the free picking area.


  • Chindon’ya (Oi Chindon) – a type of traditional musical street performing entertainment group.
  • Food / vegetable stalls
  • Test drive an agricultural machine!
  • Go up in a moored Hot Air Balloon – 1000 yen for adults, 500 yen for children. (It will not go ahead if there is rain / high winds).

Canola Flower Picking

There is a designated section within the fields where you can pick canola flowers for free. The free picking period is from March 10th to April 7th 2024. In addition, there is another field by Nanbata Castle Park, about a 20 minute walk away, where you can also pick canola flowers from today, March 15th to April 7th. >>Another place for free canola flower picking<<


Event: Higashi Okubo Canola Festival 東大久保菜の花フェスタ 2024

Date: Sunday April 7th 2024

Hours: 9 am to 2 pm

Cost: free to enter the venue and ride on an agricultural vehicle. 800 yen to go up in the hot air ballloon.

Venue: Higashi Okubo Canola Fields 東大久保浄水場周辺, Higashiokubo, Fujimi, Saitama 354-0001. View on Google Maps.


You can get the “Senior Citizen line” loop bus from the east exit of Tobu Tojo Line’s Tsuruse station. Alight at Higashi Okubo Naka 『東大久保中』. You can also get a bus bound for Lalaport from JR Omiya Station’s west exit and alight at Minamihata 『南畑界』. The fields are about a four minute walk from that bus stop. There is no official parking advertised for the festival.

The featured image is from the official event web page.

Editor’s note: this post was temporarily off the website during the pandemic. It was republished on April 4th 2023. Last update March 15th 2024.


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