Corn and blueberry picking at Masaki farm Sakado

Corn picking and blueberry picking at Masaki Farm; with a view of thousands of dragons!

Masaki Farm with seitenkyu in the background

On a recent visit to Yorii town I picked up a free Tobu-Tojo line magazine at a ‘village station’. A village station is like a roadside station, but located in a rural area rather than along a road. Much to my delight, the magazine featured a blueberry picking farm in Sakado. After taking a look at it online I realized that it was very close to the temple of 5000 dragons. Moreover, after visiting it today, the farm has a clear view of the temple and you can even walk to the temple along a path through the corn fields.

Blueberry Garden Masaki and Makana Cafe at Masaki Farm

Masaki Farm Makana Cafe

The farm is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays between mid June and around the end of August. During that time the cafe “Makana” sells fresh blueberry smoothies and ice cream. They sell coffee too. In addition, they sell vegetables from other local farms nearby. And you can buy the farm’s corn and blueberries too. You can also get a light lunch of either pizza or pasta. The cafe is only open in the summer, but supposedly you can buy stored blueberries in the cafe building throughout the year. If you are buying blueberries without picking them yourself it costs 450 yen for 100 grams, 850 yen for 200 grams and 1900 yen for 500 grams. If you are picking them:

Blueberry picking

Blueberry picking season starts from around mid June and is on until around mid August. It costs 1700 yen per adult and 1200 yen for children over four years old, for 40 minutes all-you-can-eat picking. If you want to bring the blueberries home it costs 300 yen per 100 gram in June and July and 270 yen per 100 gram in August and September. In 2024 the season started on Saturday June 8th. The end date will depend on how many blueberries are picked between this and then! You don’t need to book for the blueberry picking. The farm doesn’t use any pesticides, so you do have to be careful of hairy caterpillars when picking. I personally didn’t see any.

Corn picking

blueberry and corn picking with a view at Masaki Farm

You can pick corn on Saturdays and Sundays between 9 am and 10 am in the month of July. It costs 150 yen per person for the picking experience plus the price of the corn you pick. The price of the corn depends on its size. You need to book in advance for the corn picking. The cornfield is backdropped by the aforementioned dragon temple, Seitenkyu.


Picking farm: Blueberry Garden Masaki / Masaki Farm

Address: 623-1 Tomiya, Sakado, Saitama 350-0208. View on Google Maps.

Hours: from 9 am to 4 pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Cost: 150 yen for corn picking + the cost of the corn, 1700 yen for blueberry picking, from 350 yen for blueberries. Costs are outlined in more detail in the main body of the post.

Official website. You will find the phone number on their site as well as a link for email, if you would like to book for corn picking.


By public transport the nearest station is Wakaba Station on the Tobu Tojo line. From that station it is about a 35 minute walk, but you can also get a bus part of the way. There is an infrequent bus from bus stop number 2 that goes to “Tomiya Crossroads” 戸宮交差点前 . From that bus stop it is about a ten minute walk to the farm. But the farm recommend that you use a taxi from the station. If you come by car there is a parking lot for about six cars and there is also a bit of space in front of the cornfield where a car can pull in, if the main parking lot is full.

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