Teru Teru Bozu Saitama City June 2023

Colorful, cute little teru teru bozu displayed for the rainy season in Saitama prefecture.

Since around Autumn of 2022, Aobaen Cemetery in Saitama City, have a permanent wooden trellis in front of their three tiered pagoda. Each month they create a tunnel of color with something different! They have seven different displays; each stay up for between one and two months. So far there have been wind chimes, prayer plaques, pinwheels, colorful lanterns and now these teru teru bozu. What will be next!?

Tunnel of colorful paper lanterns at Aobaen in Saitama City
Lanterns late spring 2023

Teru Teru Bozu Saitama City

They were putting the teru teru bozu up this morning, June 1st. They will stay up for at least three weeks. Aobaen will announce the end date later in the season. They had just done the front section when I visited, so I didn’t take many photos. An excuse to go back this month! I had hoped they’d be up by the time I arrived, but I was also visiting for the hydrangea, so I wasn’t disappointed. Quite a few of the hydrangeas started to bloom last week, so they already look very photogenic.

Pinwheels Aobaen
The pinwheel display early spring 2023
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    Another new feature Aobaen introduced in late 2022 are floating flowers in the water font for the shrine by the pagoda. Make sure you check out the roof, which isn’t visible at eye level for the average adult, you have to hunker down! …

    Dragon picture on roof of Hanachozu with pagoda in background at Aobaen


    One of the best times to visit the hanachozu is April as wisteria, azalea, yaezakura, dogwood, tulips and shibazakura (moss phlox) bloom in the area around the floating flowers. Please be sure to check the main article about this unique cemetery for even more photos and detailed information about the seasonal flowers.

    moss phlox pinwheels pagoda Saitama City


    Event: Aobaen Teru Teru Bozu Display

    Date: from the afternoon of June 1st for rainy season. The end date will be announced on the official website in a couple of weeks time.

    Time: office hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. However, the cemetery is open from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm. Sometimes they open later, such as during Obon or when they light up the wisteria.

    Cost: free and free parking.

    Venue: Aobaen, 5 Chome-1505 Mihashi, Nishi Ward, Saitama, 331-0052. View on Google Maps.

    Pinwheels Saitama City Japanese design


    The cemetery is located close to the crossroads for Mihashi Park on national route 17. However, on the opposite side of the road to the park. There are four car parks. Both the South and the West car park both have wisteria in them. You can actually park under wisteria in the West car park! It blooms before the natural monument wisteria and is currently in bloom right now, April 12th 2023.

    The nearest station on foot is Nishi Omiya station on the Saikyo / Kawagoe line. Its about a 25 minute walk from the cemetery. Sashiogi station on the same line is about 30 minutes on foot. The O25 bus goes to Aobaen bus stop from JR Omiya station. It takes about 10 minutes on the bus. To walk from JR Omiya Station would take about 40 minutes.

    Official website

    Editor’s note; originally written about the pinwheels that went up in March and stayed up until April 24th. They were replaced by colorful lanterns, which stayed up until May 31st. Koinobori are also put up in April and stay up until May 12th. 20230412.


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