2017 version – it has been updated several times, but as I cannot update it regularly, please do also check with the official websites for the most up-to-date information. Particularly, during the pandemic.

Places to see Animals in Tokyo

This is a master list of the zoos, farms, aquariums and other places with animals in the Tokyo area that are suited to children. However, you will also find that a handful of these locations are actually outside Tokyo. But as they are considered part of the Greater Tokyo area and renowned as places worth commuting to from Tokyo I have included them. This list is suited as a guide to both families living here and those traveling to Japan for a holiday. Each location is linked to either their official website or a webpage with further information. All locations are mapped on a Google My Map at the bottom of the article.

A special mention to the Otemachi Farm that opened in August 2017 on the 13th floor of the Pasona Headquarters building near JR Tokyo Station! Right in the heart of Tokyo City. However, you need to make a reservation to visit the 60 goats, cows, pigs and on other animals on site.

Places to see animals in Tokyo and the surrounding areas.


Bonus content!

Wild swans

The majestic wild tundra swans of Kawajima

Animal Cafe

There are hundreds upon hundreds of animal cafes around Japan now (2021), but at the time of writing this they were only taking off. These are the original cafes I had on the list.

  • Animal Room Ikemofu for children over 6 years old
  • Harry Hedgehog and Bunny Cafe booking in advance is recommended. English language available
    (The cafe is still in existence, but the website is down in February 2021 so I have removed the link. You can read about the cafe on Japan Travel.
  • Harry Harajuku branch booking in advance is recommended. English language available
    (Same as above – website is down)
  • Cat Cafe Neko Katsu (Kawagoe, Saitama). There is another cat cafe right beside this one, but be careful you don’t go in there as they do not welcome children. Neko Katsu is right beside the Kaldi Coffee Farm shop.
  • Dog Cafe Bokuranote (Kawajima, Saitama).

Indoor Petting Zoo

Bamboo Palm (Kawagoe, Saitama)

An indoor petting zoo (Ageo, Saitama)

Indoor petting zoo (Hiratsuka, Kanagawa)

Fish your own lunch!

There are hundreds of fishing restaurants in Japan now. But the below selection are places in the great outdoors. You can catch your own fish and then barbecue them on site.

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