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Information for Miyoshino Shrine and Hatsukari Park. 三芳野神社、川越

Miyoshino Shrine Kawagoe 川越三芳野神社 遊び場と桜 Playground and cherry blossoms
Miyoshino Shrine Kawagoe
Miyoshino Shrine

There are purification fonts to cleanse your hands, the komainu (lion-dogs) guard the inner shrine, wooden plaques hang with visitor’s prayers and wishes, there is usually at least one minature shrine often with a fox, the diety of rice supposedly. The wooden prayer plaques can be purchased at the little shop on the grounds or at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine – the priest of Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine also serves Miyoshino shrine.

New Year

A red flag with Hatsumode written in white with two Japanese flags behind it for New Years Day at Miyoshino Shrine in Kawagoe City

Hatsukari Park

The Playground

Hanami with kids in Kawagoe

Sand pit and cherry blossoms at Miyoshino Shrine in Kawagoe
Beautiful cherry  blossoms in a playground at Miyoshino Shrine in Kawagoe

Spring Festival

After the period of the cherry blossoms, there is a spring festival on the grounds of Miyoshino Shrine. It is one of several parts of the larger Koedo Spring Festival. The Miyoshino Shrine Spring Festival will be on Sunday April 21st 2024 from 10 am to 4 pm. There will be an Hayashi performance on the day. Official event page.

Sake and Charm of Kawagoe Festival

Craft Sake and Charm of Kawagoe 2023 at Miyoshino Shrine and Hatsukari Park

On Saturday September 23rd 2023 the first ever craft sake festival will be held in the park and on the grounds of Miyoshino Shrine and Honmaru Goten. It’s a sake festival, so of course there will be drinks and snacks, but the significance of holding it at this location is because they want people to experience the history and charm of Kawagoe. You can enjoy various Kawagoe history and hands on experiences at the festival. There are ten different hands on experiences, including making your own wagashi. The sake festival is on from midday and the “discover the charm of Kawagoe” event is on from 3 pm. The sake festival finishes at 7.30 pm. Official event page.

Miyoshino Shrine Kawagoe Information


Address: 2 Chome−25, Kuruwamachi, Kawagoe City, 350-0053

By car it is located off route 254. The Koedo Kawagoe free parking lot is a short walk away, across the road (route 254) behind the JA farmer’s market. The tourist buses go nearby. Get off at the stop for Honmaru Goten.

Kawagoe Tourist bus passing Honmaru Goten

Another really good playground nearby – Adventure Forest Kawagoe.

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  1. Nice tip! A lot of religious buildings the world over cater to children like this, and yet it’s not something I associate with shrines (or churches, or mosques, etc etc) .

    I can’t really explain that. Even the church where we took Sunday school as a child had a playground. Anyway. Knowing this makes me more willing to visit shrines with the kids.

    1. Really glad to hear that Bronwyn and I hope the ones you do visit have some play areas. I passed one last night with none and instantly went “uh oh!”, but I think that is the exception.

    1. Absolutely. Feel free to take any photos you like 🙂 Unfortunately, they are all embarrassingly amateur as I snap on the go, but still, feeling chuffed you asked!

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