Plum blossoms Saitama Prefecture

Seasonal information for the Plum Blossoms at Shinrin Park. Also, information for February flowers in the park was added to this post on January 31st 2022.

Shinrin Park Plum Blossoms

Plum Blossoms Shinrin Park

Shinrin Park have a type of early blooming plum blossom that flowers around mid January. They have other varieties that bloom early February. But by and large the plum blossom grove is at its best from mid February to early March. You can follow the park’s live plum blossom feed on the official website to see the latest bloom information. It is regularly updated with the current condition of the blossoms.

Plum Blossom Season

The plum blossom season in Shinrin Park is generally from around mid January to early March, with prime viewing in February. What makes Shinrin Park’s plum blossom grove special is that they have about 120 different varieties of plum blossoms. From red plum blossoms that bloom as early as mid January to late blooming varieties that bloom until mid March. There are about 500 trees in total. Colors include white, yellow, peach and crimson.

Plum Blossoms Shinrin Park

The photos in this post were taken early March 2018. However, I was there for the “ume” in January and February before too. In my humble opinion, they are particularly beautiful mid to late February. There is usually some Wintersweet still in bloom in February. And in a handful of areas within the grove there is a beautiful mix of yellow Wintersweet, and pink and white plum blossoms. As per the photo above. Moreover, Shinrin Park now grow Fukujusou – Japanese buttercup flowers – under the plum blossoms in at least three different sections.

Fukujusou at Shinrin Park plum grove
Fukujusou, Shinrin Park Plum Blossom Grove, January 2022

There are plum blossoms dotted here and there in other areas of the park too, but the main plum blossom grove is near the South Entrance, beside the Cherry Blossom grove where the sakura trees are currently completely bare. If you have entered the park at a different entrance, you can either walk, rent a bike and cycle, or take the park bus to the plum grove. Bicycles are only allowed in certain parts of the park, so you need to park your bike at the South gate cycle center and go the rest of the way on foot. Its about a ten minute walk, as far as I remember.

Forest Villa

Forest Villa is a type of day camp offered by Shinrin Park since 2020. However, it has had to temporarily close a few times due to the pandemic. For a fixed price you can rent the tent which is set up for you and receive a picnic lunch. The location moves (within the park) with the seasons. Generally the tents are near the plum blossom grove during plum blossom season.

Shinrin Park February flowers

Apart from the plum blossoms, you can also see Witch Hazel in Shinrin Park in February. As far as I know, Shinrin Park has the largest selection of Witch Hazel with 70 trees of 40 different varieties. As aforementioned, you can also see Fukujusou, a Japanese Buttercup flower, in the plum blossom grove. Moreover, there are some ice tulips and snow drops by the botanical gardens. However, the ice tulips are past their prime. In addition, there is a small display of daffodils in the “Kaede Garden”.

Shinrin Park

Shinrin Park also known as Musashi Kyuryo National Government park is located in Namegawa Town in the Hiki District of Saitama. It was the first national Government Park in all of Japan. The details box below the map shows hours and website etc. You can also find more detailed information on Shinrin Park on this blog.

Plum Blossoms Shinrin Park Information

Address:1920 Yamata, Namegawa Town, Hiki District 355-0802
Hours:9.30 am to 4 pm in January and February. From March 1st the park opens until 5 pm.
Cost:450 yen per adult, no charge for children.
Online:Official website

You can get a bus to the South Entrance of Shinrin Park from Tobu Tojo line’s Shinrin Koen station. To walk it takes about 40 minutes from the station.  You can also get a bus from Kumagaya Station on the JR Takasaki Line.

The park is vast so if you do come in from another gate you have either a long walk ahead of you or you can rent a bike or ride the park bus to get close to the area of the plum blossoms.

There is parking at the south entrance. Like all entrances, the car park costs 620 yen for one day.

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