asobeats pop up digital play area

Asobeats is a pop up digital play center. For Golden week, from Saturday April 27th until Wednesday May 1st, Mallage Shobu in Kuki will host the projection mapping and music travelling play area. It is quite similar to Team Lab Islands in Lalaport in Fujimi or Little Planet in Lalaport in Shinmisato.

The event is being held on the third floor Mallage Hall in Mallage Shobu Shopping Mall in Kuki. It will be open from 10 am to 6 pm with last entry at 5.30 pm. It costs 300 yen for an adult no matter how long or short your children are playing. For children it costs 300 yen for 30 minutes of play or you can get a full day pass for just 600 yen. There is an evening pass for 300 yen too. And if you use LINE you can get a 100 yen discount for a full day pass for children through a campaign there.

During Golden Week Mallage is hosting other special events including a Karaoke concert on April 30th and a visit from Nontan on April 28th.

Asobeats Access

Mallage Shobu is 6 kilometres from Kuki Interchange and a 15 minute bus ride from Kuki Station.

Another Play Center

There is a full time play center in Mallage that is good fun for young kids, the “Secret Forest“…

For more golden week and other events in Saitama please see the main event pages. A general Golden Week round up of events will be on the main blog soon too!

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