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Poppy picking event in Musashi Kyuryo National Government park. Or Shinrin Park as it is most commonly called. They specify that they are charley poppies.

If you’ve been in Japan any length of time, you probably already know that picking flowers in Japan is a big no no. And to buy them is very expensive. Or maybe that is just relative to my home country of Ireland? Flowers in Japan cost three times what they do at home, and in Ireland you can pick flowers anywhere at anytime.

However, picking flowers is frowned upon in Japan. Every now and then there is an opportunity to pick them. Just as in this event in Shinrin Park on Sunday May 26th.

Poppy Picking Event Information

Date: May 26th.

Time: It is on between 1 and 3 pm. It may finish early if a lot of people come to pick. There is also a chance of cancellation in the event of inclement conditions.

Cost: It is a free event, but you have to pay into the park.

Each person can pick up to 10 poppies each. You need to prepare something to bring the poppy home with yourself. Such as damp kitchen paper and a plastic bag. It is forbidden to bring a scissors with you.

The location is at the Undo Hiroba Hatake or the Sports area flower field in English. It is a 20 minute walk from both the south and central gates of the park.

Event Information on the official website (Japanese language).

Information about Musashi Kyuryo National Government park (also known as Shinrin Park) on this blog.

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