In my experience of Gunma, Ibaraki and Saitama, most preschools in suburbia Japan, have some form of outdoor play area. Most of them have at least a slide and/or swings, and some are a full on playground with a combination of equipment.  Thankfully, our preschool is one of the latter.

The main piece of equipment in my kid’s preschool’s playground was designed and made by Dino World in Fukui prefecture, hundreds of kilometres away. It is a combination piece for kids in the preschool age range. The Dino World brand is part of the Dinosaur museum in Fukui, which is said to be one of the best dinosaur museums in the world. We have yet to visit, but at least a little part of the museum has come to us. 🙂Preschool playground

Apart from the Dino World combination unit, there are swings, monkey bars, horizontal bars, tunnels and a sand pit. Hours of fun guaranteed.

Has anyone a post like this for another country? I’d love to see what preschools are like around the world.  What are the playgrounds like in your kid’s preschools?


  1. My daughters preschool is fairly new, so they do not have a proper playground (yet) and most playgrounds are inside here, or under heavy shade. It is too hot for kids to play out in the sun in the middle of the day usually.

    1. It’s great that they have some play area, maybe its different now, but when I worked in a preschool in Ireland (PT job as a teen, so a gazillion years ago!) they had no playground and no big play equipment indoors either. 🙁 It’s also comforting to hear that they take care not to have kids outside in the midday sun. They aren’t allowed out in the height of summer here unless it’s to the shaded pool. Do you guys have pools in preschool there too? Here it’s just for the 3 months of summer, it’s more like a giant paddling pool really.

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