Railway Fair 2023

Information for the annual Railway Fair in Railway Town Omiya. Omiya is considered a railway town. Not only because of the number of train lines and marshaling and railway yards in the city, but also because of the incredible Railway Museum. One of the two best railway museums in all of Japan. Even if you are not that into trains, the railway museum in Omiya is well worth a visit as there is something for everyone.

Railway Fair in Omiya Railway Town

The fair used to be held at the Omiya Railway Yard, before the pandemic. But now it looks like it is all around Omiya Station. The fair starts with an opening ceremony at 9.15 am at the Omiya Station East-West Connecting Passage. It is a relatively big event with lots of different parts. For example, there are live stage performances at both Ginza Street by the east exit and at Kanezuka Park on the west. Performances include music and super heroes!

There are several different mini trains children can ride, including a mini SL. There will also be trains on display. Children can dress up in train driver uniforms. They will be selling the ever popular train station box lunch (ekiben) as well as train souvenirs and paraphernalia. All in all, an event worth visiting, especially for train lovers.


Event: Railway Interaction Fair in the Railway Town Omiya 鉄道のまち大宮 鉄道ふれあいフェア

Date: Saturday November 25th 2023

Time: 9.15 am to 4 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee, individual events may incur charges.

Venue: Omiya Station, Nishikicho, Omiya Ward, Saitama, 330-0853. View on Google Maps.


It is advised to come by public transport. The festival is held close to Omiya station.

Official November 2023 event page.

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