Red, Orange, Yellow and White spider lilies in Yoshimi Town, Hiki District, Saitama.

As I update this in early August 2020 spider lilies are already popping up here and there. Much earlier than normal. This year, 2020, the famous Kinchakuda festival will not be on due to the coronavirus. The perfect excuse to visit one of the smaller, off the beaten path spider lilies instead! Best viewing is generally mid to late September.

Kinchakuda, Gongendo and Terasaka Terraced Rice Fields may be known for their red spider lilies, but Sakura Tsutsumi Park in Yoshimi Town is creating a name for itself as the home to spider lilies of different colors.

Red, orange and white spider lilies yoshimi sakura tsutsumi

Sakura Tsutsumi Park

Sakura Tsutsumi Park isn’t a park in the typical sense. It is a two kilometer embankment walk and cycling course that runs alongside a small river in Yoshimi. It was named for the beautiful cherry blossoms that grow along the embankment in spring.

Red, Orange, Yellow, White Spider Lilies

You will find red spider lilies along the path in some sections, and down the side of the embankments in other areas. The colored spider lilies, however, are near the free parking area for the park, close to the Yoshimi water plant.

white spider lilies

They are orange, yellow and white. The genus “orange spider lily” covers the stunning salmon colored spider lilies you can see at Sakura Tsutsumi. Similarly, “white spider lilies” includes the cream and off white colored lilies.

This year they don’t have a flower festival attached to the prime viewing period, which is right now incidentally. Without a festival and with information online only emerging this past week, it still isn’t that crowded.

However, I will not be surprised if, due to the vast number of photos on Instagram this year and the amount of photographers there today, that next year it will attract even more visitors. I am also expecting that they will start a flower festival too. And I’m sure the spider lilies will feature on at least one TV program, if not this year, early in the season next year.

Sakura Tsutsumi Park Information

Address:Iijima Shinden, Yoshimi, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0132
Hours:Open 24 hours
Cost:Free, free parking
Online:Official web page on the Yoshimi Town website
JR Takasaki Line Konosu station 5 kilometers away. Access information below.


The closest train station is over an hour on foot ~ Konosu Station on the JR Takasaki line. You can get a bus to Owada Yoshimi machi bus stop and it is about a 15 minute walk to the flowers.

There is a free municipal car park near the stretch of the embankment beside the Yoshimi Water Plant. It is only a three minute walk to the main section of spider lilies from that car park.

Other things to do in Yoshimi

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  • Pay homage to a kannon of the Bando pilgrimage at the beautiful hilltop Yoshimi Kannon aka Anrakuji.
  • Play at the colorful and cute playground at the Ichigo No Sato Roadside station.
  • Grab a bite to eat in peace while the kids play with the various toys, bikes and garden attractions at Natural Cafe Sora.
  • Climb through the love shaped rock behind the rock front wooden temple that was once on a famous pilgrimmage; Iwamuro kannon.
  • Take some shots of the photogenic ghibli-esque open garden “Herbal House“.


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