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Information for the Yono Rose Festival and Art Candle Night, as well as the Autumn rose concert in 2024.

Yono Park Rose Festival

Yono park, Saitama City, is known locally for its roses in both spring and autumn. The spring rose festival at the park is relatively new – it started around 2009. However, the park itself is quite old, with more than 140 years of history.

The Yono Rose Festival was on in 2022 after a three year hiatus due to the pandemic. Yono Park, where the festival is held, made quite a name for itself during the pandemic, when they cut all the beautiful roses in the spring of 2020 to deter people visiting! They actually weren’t the only park to take such drastic action, but they were the first in Saitama. Many parks followed suit, including Kinchakuda Park in Hidaka where they mowed down the famous spider lilies the following September.

2024 Information

The official dates for the rose festival in 2024 are Saturday May 11th and Sunday May 12th. However, there is also an event on the night before, on Friday May 10th which is considered part of the larger rose festival. It is an “Art Candle Night“, where candles are displayed in the park between 6.30 and 8.30 pm, weather permitting. In other words, if its raining the event won’t be on.

On the Saturday and Sunday they will have live performances on stage, including taiko performances, dance and other live music. In addition, they have a bazaar, exhibitions, workshops and guided tours. If there is rain on the weekend of the festival, please do check the official website (linked below) for any last minute changes or cancellations.

New Bakery / Cafe

If you visit this year, you will notice the building work they are doing in the park. They are building a new park center with terrace as well as a ‘Bakery Cafe’ which they hope to have completed in time for the 2025 spring rose season.

Other Saitama City Festivals in May annually

Apart from the Yono Rose Festival, there are several other festivals on in Saitama City in May annually:

Yono Park Roses in Autumn

Yono Autumn Rose Concert

The roses grow again in Autumn, generally around mid to late October. They don’t have a festival per se, but there is usually a “rose concert” in October. The last two years it was on before the rose season. Hopefully in 2024 it will be on during the rose bloom period for the first time in six years! It starts from 1.30 pm, but the event space will be open from 12.30. More information on the organizer’s website.

Rose Festival Access

Saitama City request that you come by public transport. The rose garden in Yono Park is a 15 minute walk from Yono Honmachi station on the JR Saikyo Line.

Other rose gardens / festivals and even cafes in Saitama Prefecture

First published May 2017. Moved from the event calendar and republished in April 2022. Last update: April 26th 2024.

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