The official flyer of the Omiya Dezome Shiki in 2023

Saitama City Dezome Shiki – Dezome / Dezome Shiki is one of the those truly unique-to-Japan events. It is a ceremony and festival of sorts for and by firefighters, celebrating the coming of the New Year. But it is also a way to heighten safety awareness. Firefighters put on an impressive show of acrobatic and rescue skills. The Omiya Dezome Shiki, or Saitama City Dezome Shiki as its called in recent years, is one of the largest in Saitama Prefecture. It was not open to the public in 2021 or 2022 due to the pandemic. However, they did have it in 2022 for invited guests only and streamlined it so you could watch it online. This year, 2023, it is back on site.

Omiya / Saitama City Dezome Shiki

Dezome Shiki is held annually, usually on either the 1st or 2nd Saturday or Sunday of the month. The Omiya dezome shiki used to be held later than most, around mid January, but in recent years they too have been hosting it on the second Sunday of the month. In 2023, it will be on (all things equal) Sunday January 8th. Omiya Dezome Shiki is held in at the Omiya Fire Station, which is actually quite rare (in Saitama) – most dezome shiki are held in a public park, city hall or even a local mall.

Helicopter rescue demonstation

Approximately 900 firefighters take part in the ceremony and subsequent demonstrations. They will even simulate a helicopter rescue for the public’s entertainment. There will be 37 fire fighting vehicles on display. In addition, the police band perform after the demonstrations. The highlight of most of dezome shiki, including Omiya Dezome Shiki, is the hashigo-nori ladder acrobatics, which take place at 11.20 am for about 20 minutes. The show ends with an impressive water jet demonstration at 11.50 am. During the period of the dezome shiki you can try a simulated earthquake of a seismic intensity 7, in one of the disaster prevention publicity vehicles on site on the day.

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2023 Information

Event: Saitama City Dezome Shiki さいたま市消防出初式

Date: Sunday January 8th 2023

Time: 10 am to noon

Venue: Omiya Fire Station 大宮消防署 訓練場, 1 Chome-893 Amanumacho, Omiya Ward, Saitama, 330-0834. View on Google Maps.

Access Omiya Fire Station

The nearest station is Omiya Station which is about a half hour walk away, but they have free shuttle buses from the number 4 bus stop on the east side for the morning of the dezome shiki.

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Official event web page on the Saitama City official website. 

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