Iwatsuki fireworks in Saitama City

Information for the Iwatsuki Fireworks in 2023.

There are at least three firework displays in Saitama City in the summer of 2023. The information in this post is for the Iwatsuki Culture Park venue. The Iwatsuki Culture Park is located along the Motoara River, which affords a wide view of the fireworks.

Iwatsuki Fireworks 2023

In 2022, Saitama City had some ‘surprise fireworks’ that lasted about five minutes each. But 2023 is the first time in four years that they will have ‘normal’ firework displays. They have not released any other information yet, stating that ‘the finer details will be announced nearer to the time’. But they have confirmed the dates for this venue and two other venues: the Omagi Park fireworks, which like Iwatsuki, will also be on in August and the Owada park fireworks, which are in July.

Don’t miss the wind chimes at Hisaizu Shrine. And if you come early with kids, they might enjoy Iwatsuki Castle Park which is only about a ten to fifteen minute walk from the fireworks venue.


Event: Iwatsuki Culture Park Fireworks 令和5年度さいたま市花火大会 岩槻文化公園会場

Date: Saturday August 19th 2023. They will postpone them until Monday August 21st if there is bad weather on the 19th. If there is bad weather on the 21st they will be completely cancelled.

Time: from around 7.30 pm

Cost: free

Venue: 229 Murakuni, Iwatsuki Ward, Saitama, 339-0041. View on Google Maps.


Iwatsuki Bunka Park is located about a forty minute walk from Tobu Urban Park (Noda) Line’s Iwatsuki Station. Its about the same from Higashi Iwatsuki station also. There is no official parking for this event. Moreover, while there maybe coin parking lots in the area, they strongly advise to avoid coming by car. The area gets very congested, furthermore, some of the roads are closed to traffic.


    1. Author

      I’m delighted, but surprised that some of them have cancelled again this year. They didn’t get the memo the pandemic is over!

  1. Just glad these are back, I always used to enjoy them with my boys.

    1. Author

      It’s great to see so many of them back this year. But it was a big surprise that Kawagoe cancelled theirs, because they had them on last year 🤷

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