Higashi Urawa fireworks public domain photo from Saitama City

There are at dozens of summer festivals and fireworks in Saitama City annually, including the Higashi Urawa Fireworks. The Higashi Urawa Fireworks are on at Omagi Park. Of all the fireworks that are launched in Saitama City annually, the Higashi Urawa fireworks are one of the big three! Thankfully, since last year, things are back to normal for the Saitama City Fireworks.

Higashi Urawa Fireworks

The Higashiurawa Fireworks started in 1988. Until this year they were usually on (weather permitting) Mountain Day, which is August 11th annually. HOWEVER, this year Saitama City have changed the date of some of their fireworks and festivals. And this year, these fireworks are on Saturday August 10th. Moreover, this year (unlike prededing years) there will be no ‘back up’ date. If the fireworks can’t go ahead on the 10th due to weather or other mitigating factors, they will be completely cancelled.

As aforementioned, they are launched in Omagi Park, which is in Midori Ward. Generally they launch mainly starmines, approximately 5,000 of them. The largest firework is a 2.5 shell which is about 7.5 cm in size and about 120 grams. Incredibly, it rises to about 80 meters. In addition, there are about 250 festival stalls. Approximately 80,000 people come to see the firework display each year.

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Event: Saitama City Fireworks, Higashi Urawa Omagi Park Venue さいたま市花火大会東浦和 大間木公園会場

Date: Saturday August 10th 2024.

Time: from 7.30 pm

Admission: there is no admission fee.

Venue: Omagi Park, Omagi, Midori Ward, Saitama 〒336-0923 Saitama, Japan. View on Google maps.


There is no parking available at these fireworks. They request that you come by public transport. Thankfully, the park is only about a 15 minute walk from JR Higashi Urawa Station!

Official event website for the Higashi Urawa Fireworks.

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