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SURPRISE! It certainly was a surprise when Saitama city launched their “surprise” fireworks a week earlier than what was posted on the Saitama City tourism webpage.

There are a few different firework displays annually in Saitama City. For example, in July there is normally a fireworks display in Owada Park and in August at least two displays, one in Higashi Urawa and another in Iwatsuki. However, in 2022 those events, along with several other Saitama City festivals, were cancelled due to the pandemic.

Saitama City Fireworks 2022

However, in 2022, Saitama City slyly launched fireworks a week earlier than scheduled, but they will show them on YouTube on Wednesday August 31st. So it’s just a watch online fireworks display. The broadcast starts from 5 pm on the Saitama City Youtube channel. The display was just a short display of five minutes, launched from five different sites within Saitama City.

Higashi Urawa Fireworks in a ‘normal’ year

This post was originally about the Higashi Urawa Fireworks, which started in 1988. They are normally on the eve of Mountain Day, which is August 11th annually. In a usual year, they are launched in Omagi Park in Midori Ward. They launch mainly starmines, approximately 5,000 of them. The largest firework is a 2.5 shell which is about 7.5 cm in size and about 120 grams, it rises to about 80 meters. When the festival is on at-venue, there are approximately 250 festival stalls and approximately 80,000 people come to see the firework display.

However, in 2022, there are no official venues. Moreover, viewing the fireworks at any of the launch sites is strictly forbidden. The areas will be sealed off. Official event website for the Higashi Urawa Fireworks.

The official 2022 event web page.

For more fireworks, festivals and summer (and other seasonal) events in Saitama, please see the main event pages. 

This is one of several summer events that takes place in Saitama City annually. However, since 2020 many of them been cancelled. There are a few that went or are going ahead. For example, the Omiya Nisshin Tanabata and Iwatsuki Summer Festival were / are on in 2022.

Other fireworks going ahead in the next few weeks

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