Saitama Coronavirus updates – Unfortunately the previous Covid-19 update post has started to lag already. The post is too big: 3 pages of updates from August 1st to August 20th. I tried to add the August 21st information, but the post keeps bottoming out. I will add updates from August 21st onward to this post.

Saitama Coronavirus Updates

Last update 09/30 at 19:41

September 30th


28 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Saitama on September 30th. Among them a preschooler in Ageo who was a trace contact – 3 other of her family members previously tested positive for the virus. In Kamisato a University Student was also a trace contact of a previously confirmed case. Also, in Saitama City a woman in her twenties tested positive as a trace contact.

Confirmed by:

  • The Prefecture – 18 cases
  • Saitama City – 5 cases
  • Kawaguchi – 5 cases

September 29th

25 new cases of Covid-19 and 1 death from the virus were reported today in Saitama Prefecture, September 29th 2020.

Confirmed by:

  • The Prefecture – 19
  • Kawaguchi – 4
  • Saitama City – 1
  • Kawagoe – 1

Of the cases that were confirmed by the Prefecture, 1 in Niiza and 2 in Kazo are trace contacts of previously confirmed cases. Once again the Prefecture is reducing the overall total for the Prefecture. One of the cases reported on the 26th was added to the figures after a positive antigen test. A subsequent PCR test came back negative and they are removing the individual from the case figures.

The prefecture announced that a man in his 90s infected with the novel coronavirus has died. The man had an underlying illness.

September 28th

A total of 20 new Covid-19 cases were confirmed in Saitama on September 20th:

  • the Prefecture – 15.
    ➡2 live in Koshigaya. 1 in Kuki – a man in his fifties who had visited an izakaya in the Prefecture that already had 3 cases related to it.
  • Kawaguchi – 4
  • Saitama City – 1.
    ➡This new case is also related to the cluster reported yesterday ⇊ reported below. The establishment that was described as in the “entertainment industry” has since been identified as a “Philippine pub”.

Saitama City also announced that one of the cases – a woman in her forties – that was confirmed positive on the 26th is an employee of a facility for the disabled in the city (Saitama). The city will carry out 30 PCR tests at the facility and the facility is closed until the 30th for disinfection.

The Prefecture have once again reduced the overall total figures for Saitama. This time by two. On account of two cases that supposedly returned a negative PCR test after a positive antigen test.

September 27th

A total of 35 new cases of Covid-19 and 1 death, a woman in her eighties, were announced in Saitama Prefecture today. A cluster has been identified in Saitama City. 9 employees in the “entertainment industry” have tested positive so far.

As of 9 pm tonight there are 6 people in a critical condition, 175 in hospital, 53 in a hotel and 17 people quarantining / recovering at home. 4201 Covid-19 patients have recovered in Saitama to date.

Today’s cases. Confirmed by:

  • Saitama City – 15 cases: the cluster of 9, plus 5 cases who were trace contacts of family or work colleagues and a man in his late teens whose route of infection is unknown.
  • The Prefecture – 10 cases: 2 women in their fifties in Hasuda City who are trace contacts, a woman in her 50s in Soka also a trace contact and 7 others aged between 20 and 59.
  • Kawaguchi – 7 cases: a Korean woman in her 40s who is a trace contact, a man in his 70s and five other patients aged between 30 and 70 years old.
  • Kawagoe – 3 cases: a couple in their 50s and a woman in her 30s.

September 26th

A total of 25 new Covid-19 cases were identified today in Saitama Prefecture.

17:22 ~ The prefecture announced 14 cases and Saitama City announced 6.

15:27 ~ Kawaguchi announced 2 new cases of Covid-19.

15:51 ~ Koshigaya announced 3 new cases of Covid-19: 3 men, 1 in his thirties, 2 in their fifties. All living in Koshigaya city.

September 25th

28 new cases of Covid-19 were announced on September 25th 2020. Confirmed by:

  • The Prefecture – 13 new cases
  • Saitama City – 8 cases
  • Kawaguchi – 6 cases
  • Koshigaya – 1 case

September 24th

Saitama Prefecture confirmed 18 new cases of Covid-19 on September 24th. Kawaguchi confirmed 1 new case. Koshigaya confirmed 2 new cases.

September 23rd

12 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Saitama Prefecture on September 23rd.

10 cases confirmed by the Prefecture and 1 each in Saitama City and Kawaguchi. According to the Prefecture another child tested positive at a child care facility where 4 employees were previously confirmed as having the virus.

In Saitama City, 1 of the census officers tested positive for the virus. He had been distributing the census forms from the 15th until symptoms started on the 18th. Also in Saitama City, they amended the figures today for the 17th of September after it was confirmed 1 test was a false positive.

September 22nd

14 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Saitama Prefecture on September 22nd.

September 21st

15 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Saitama Prefecture on September 21st.

September 20th

17:45 ~ Saitama City confirmed 5 new cases of Covid-19. Patients are aged between 20 and 89 years old.

17:11 ~ The prefecture announced 7 new cases of Covid-19.

15:29 ~ Kawaguchi announced 4 new cases of Covid-19. 3 live in the city, 1 is from Osaka. All of them are in their twenties.

September 19th

23 new cases of Covid-19 on Saturday September 19th and one death, the 100th death from Coronavirus in the Prefecture.

Confirmed by:

  • The Prefecture – 11
  • Kawaguchi – 5
  • Saitama City – 5 new Covid-19 cases aged between 10 and 49 years old
  • Kawagoe – 2

Saitama City, High School Cluster

Saitama City announced on the 18th that four people in the same class at a prefectural high school in the city were infected with the new coronavirus.
One student had previously tested positive in this class and the city believes a cluster has occurred. The school is closed until September 25th.

September 18th

24 cases and 2 deaths.

Saitama Prefecture and Koshigaya City each announced a death of a Covid-19 patient. Therefore two deaths today bringing the overall total in deaths from the Coronavirus in the prefecture to 99.
In addition, it was confirmed today, September 18th, that 24 new people were infected with the novel coronavirus. Of these, Saitama Prefecture announced 13 people, Saitama City 7 people, and Koshigaya City and Kawaguchi City 2 people each.
With this, the total number of people who have been announced to be infected in the prefecture is 4391.

17:21 ~ The Prefecture announced 13 new cases of Covid-19.

16:45 ~ Kawaguchi confirmed 2 new cases of Coronavirus on September 18th.

September 17th

Of today’s confirmed cases two were related to Yaoko supermarket – 1 in the Yaoko in Lalaport Fujimi, 1 in a branch in Ina. Toppan factory in Satte also had an employee test positive.

18:06 ~ Koshigaya announced 4 new cases of Covid-19.

17:39 ~ The Prefecture confirmed 12 new cases of Covid-19.

17:25 ~ Saitama City announced 4 new cases of Covid-19.

16:33 ~ Kawagoe announced 1 new case of Covid-19.

September 16th

18:03 ~ Saitama City announced 2 cases of Covid-19, Kawaguchi 1, bringing the total for September 16th to 29.

17:26 ~ The Prefecture announced 25 new cases of Covid-19.

16:48 ~ 1 case announced for Koshigaya.

Figures by city for the week to September 15th:

  • Saitama City – 17 new cases in one week to September 15th
  • Kawaguchi – 11 cases
  • Soka – 10 cases
  • Kawagoe – 10 cases
  • Tokorozawa – 8 cases
  • Misato – 8 cases
  • Kasukabe – 7 cases
  • Toda – 6 cases
  • Koshigaya – 5 cases
  • Yoshikawa – 5
  • Asaka – 4
  • Yashio – 4
  • Kuki – 4
  • Niiza – 3
  • Iruma – 3
  • Ageo – 3
  • Warabi – 3
  • Fujimi – 3
  • Honjo – 3
  • Kumagaya – 2
  • Hasuda – 2
  • Hanno – 2
  • Higashimatsuyama – 2
  • Hidaka – 2
  • Gyoda – 1
  • Shiki – 1
  • Moroyama – 1
  • Kazo – 1
  • Fukaya – 1
  • Miyoshi – 1
Saitama City719736
Wako 6767
Asaka 6670
Honjo 4750
Hasuda 2527
Matsubushi 2020
Data is from Stop Covid. Data in brackets is my own calculations based on the most recent information.

September 15th

The final figure for September 15th went down as 18 as one patient had been double counted.

17:47 ~ The prefecture announced 11 new cases of Covid-19. Kawagoe confirmed 4, Saitama City 3, and Kawaguchi announced 1.

September 14th

18:51 ~ 4 cases were confirmed in Saitama City, 1 in Kawaguchi, bringing today’s total to 16.

17:07 ~ the Prefecture announced 9 new cases of Covid-19 today, September 14th.

16:19 ~ Kawagoe and Koshigaya announced 1 new case of Covid-19 each on September 14th.

Coming to Koshigaya: a Crayon Shinchan pop up cafe for one month only. All the details here.

September 13th

A total of 22 cases were confirmed on September 13th.

17:14 ~ 2 cases announced – 1 by Kawaguchi, 1 by Koshigaya.

September 12th

37 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed on Septmber 12th. Of those, 2 women work in the same child care facility so the facility has been temporarily closed. 22 cases were announced by the prefecture, 8 by Kawaguchi, 3 each for Saitama City and Koshigaya and 1 in Kawagoe.

September 11th

18:50 ~ Kawaguchi announced 3 new cases of Covid-19.

17:30 ~ The Prefecture announced 20 new cases of Covid-19.

16:46 ~ Koshigaya announced 1 new case of Covid-19.

15:55 ~ Kawagoe announced 1 new case of Coronavirus: a man in his fifties.

Figures by city / town for the 10th have not yet been updated on the Stop Covid site. This has happened a lot this past week. At this stage (19:05) they will probably group the 10th and 11th together when updating.

September 10th

19:00 ~ Kawaguchi also announced 1 new case of Covid-19 bringing the total for today to 30. Two deaths were also announced in the Prefecture today.

17:00 ~ 29 new cases of Covid-19 have been announced for Saitama Prefecture on Thursday September 10th. 27 were announced by the Prefecture, 1 new case in Saitama City – a boy aged between 10 and 19, and 1 in Koshigaya.

Confirmed by:

  • the Prefecture – 27
  • Koshigaya – 1
  • Saitama City – 1
  • Kawaguchi – 1
Saitama City704F711F713719
Wako 67676767
Asaka (⇈)64N66N6666
Honjo (⇈)47E47E4747
Hasuda 25G25G2525
Matsubushi 19T20T2020
Data is from Stop Covid. Data in brackets is my own calculations based on the most recent information.

September 9th

19:17 ~ 25 new cases of Covid-19 have been announced for Saitama Prefecture on Wednesday September 9th. 2 deaths were also announced – 1 in Kawaguchi, 1 in Koshigaya. Kasukabe reported that a foreign man in his 40s was recorded twice in August as he attended two medical institutions for tests and used a different name in each.

Confirmed by:

  • the Prefecture – 16
  • Saitama City – 4
  • Koshigaya – 2
  • Kawaguchi – 3

September 8th

12 new cases of Covid-19 and 1 death were announced in Saitama Prefecture on Tuesday September 8th.

17:30 – The prefecture announced 8 new cases of Covid-19 on the 8th.

16:07 ~ So far 4 cases have been announced for Saitama on Tuesday September 8th. 3 were announced by Kawaguchi city, 1 by Kawagoe. The case in Kawagoe is a man in his forties. He was tested as a trace contact.

Confirmed by:

  • The Prefecture – 8
  • Kawaguchi – 3
  • Kawagoe – 1

The break down by area for the 7th has still not been updated on the Saitama Covid website.

September 7th

*I initially reported 15 from my trusted source. However, at 9 pm the Prefecture reported the overall total as 14 not 15. The discrepancy is coming from Koshigaya’s figures which news agencies and subsequently the prefecture reported as 2 new cases. However, Koshigaya reported it as 3 on Twitter and their official site. 1 of the 3 is from an earlier date; perhaps why it wasn’t counted? Whether the additional case will be added retrospectively or not remains to be seen.

We will only know for sure at 9 pm tonight when Saitama Prefecture make the final and official announcement. Also, Kawaguchi and Kawagoe have yet to announce. It is not unusual for Kawagoe to have zero cases, but it would be unusual for Kawaguchi.

17:07 ~ Saitama Prefecture announced 10 new cases of Covid-19. One death was also announced in the prefecture today, a man in his sixties.

17:01 ~ Koshigaya announced 3 new cases of Covid-19. Some sources are saying two only, but the Koshigaya City official site has listed three: a woman in her forties, a man in his fifties and a man in his sixties.

17:00 ~ 2 new cases of Covid-19 were announced by Saitama City on Monday September 7th

September 6th

18:22 ~ 5 more cases were announced – 4 by Saitama City, 1 by Kawagoe, bringing the overall total for Saitama on September 6th to 21.

17:33 ~ the prefecture announced 10 new cases of Covid-19.

16:35 ~ so far 6 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed for Saitama Prefecture on September 6th…

Confirmed by:

  • the Prefecture – 10
  • Kawaguchi – 4
  • Koshigaya – 2
  • Saitama City – 4
  • Kawagoe – 1

Currently there are 11 patients in a critical condition, 274 in hospital, 88 in hotels and 61 recovering at home.

September 5th

A total of 22 new cases of Covid-19 and 3 deaths (two women and one man in their eighties) were confirmed in Saitama Prefecture on September 5th. Of today’s cases at least two are elementary school students, 1 in Kawaguchi and 1 a student in a public school in Soka. The school in Soka will close until the 16th and conduct trace contacting.

Confirmed by:

  • The Prefecture – 11
  • Saitama City – 5
  • Kawagoe – 2
  • Kawaguchi – 2
  • Koshigaya – 2

September 4th

A total of 24 cases were confirmed in Saitama Prefecture on September 4th.

Confirmed by:

  • the prefecture – 14
  • Saitama City – 4
  • Koshigaya – 4
  • Kawaguchi – 2
Saitama City678687695701
Wako 66666667
Honjo (⇈)40404346
Hasuda (⇈)25252525
Matsubushi 151716??19
Data is from Stop Covid. Data in brackets is my own calculations based on the most recent information.

September 3rd

42 cases were announced bringing the overall all time total to 4,055 cases in Saitama.

Confirmed by:

  • the Prefecture – 28
  • Saitama City – 5
  • Koshigaya – 4
  • Kawaguchi – 3
  • Kawagoe 2

September 2nd

19:04 ~ Saitama city announced 8 cases, bringing the overall total to 40 cases on September 2nd.

18:55 ~ Kawaguchi announced 1 case.

17:24 ~ 30 new cases were announced by the prefecture.

17:12 ~ Kawagoe announced 1 new case of Covid-19 on September 2nd.

There are currently 11 people seriously ill, 303 hospitalized, 94 at a hotel and 94 at home. 3348 people have completed medical treatment.

Kasukabe Higashi High School

Yesterday, Sepetmber 1st, there were 12 new cases in Kasukabe, 7 were from Kasukabe Higashi High School. After a student tested positive for Covid-19 in the school on August 28th, they tested a number of close contacts. 7 returned a positive result yesterday.

September 1st

20:10 ~ 46 new cases of Covid-19 and one death were announced today, Spetember 1st.

18:41 ~ Saitama City announced 8 cases of Covid-19.

17:57 ~ Another case was announced, by Kawaguchi.

17:48 ~ 35 cases have been announced by the Prefecture.

17:00 ~ 2 cases were announced by Koshigaya.

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