Things to do in Saitama in the rainy season June

Saitama in June – June is the rainy season in the Kanto area of Japan. It doesn’t rain all day every day, but it rains enough to put a damper on outdoor plans. Despite that, June is still a popular month for Saitama-jin to go camping and enjoy barbecues between the showers. Some locations for both outlined below.

In this guide you will also find information on fireflies, splash pools and/or wading rivers and a long list of June events.

If all else fails you can always escape the rain and the heat by playing in one of Saitama’s 65 play centers and there are also the free community children centers:


Chichibu is a popular area for people to view fireflies in their natural habitat. You will find information for three locations within Chichibu district in this event article:

Fireflies in Kinchakuda, Hidaka:

Fireflies in Chikozan, Kitamoto Nature Park, Maruyama Park among others will be brought to you as the information is made available. You will find that information on the main events calendar. 


Midori no mura is a great one for the wet weekends as they have reasonably priced cabins:

The cabins in Nagatoro Autocamp are not as reasonably priced, but it is a good location and they have old train carriages turned into cabins to add to the fun factor!


Brand New in Ranzan Town: Fukuro no Mori (Japanese only)

埼玉県嵐山渓谷でBBQなら | フクロウの森【カフェ・ドッグランも】

Fukuro no mori ranzan saitama
From the official site

Shiroyama Park in Okegawa barbecue area

Barbecue area at Chikozan Park in Sayama

Barbecue area in Isanuma Park Kawagoe

Isanuma Park also has a splash pool / wading river, which is another popular activity in June. Some of the larger paddling pools open as early as Golden week, the rest tend to open during June:


Here is a round up of most of the paddling pools or wading rivers in Saitama:

You will also find two (Shinrin Park and the Children’s Zoo) detailed in the events section:


Summary of the main events in Saitama in June annually.

☔All of June:[/embed]

Satte Hydrangea Festival at Gongendo Park

Early June:

More Saitama June events are on the main Saitama events calendar.

Despite the rain, June is a great month in Saitama, made even better by the fact that we are just one month away from all the summer festivals and fireworks. 🙂 What do you do in Saitama in the rainy season? Whatever the month of June brings you, I hope it’s a great one! ☔