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Saitama Covid-19 / Coronavirus updates June 2020

Last update July 7th 2020 at 23:59.

Wednesday July 8th

Awaiting updates.

New CasesTotal cases
July 8th
July 7th271,282
July 6th161,255
July 5th211,239
July 4th271,218
July 3rd26 1,191
July 2nd191,165
July 1st141,146
June 30th101,132
June 29th131,122
June 28th81,106
June 27th81,098 (NHK reports as 1095)
June 26th161,090
June 25th121,074
June 24th91,062
June 23rd111,053
June 22nd4 (NHK reported 6)1,042

Tuesday July 7th

Total new cases: 27

The official total of new Covid-19 cases in Saitama prefecture today July 7th is 27.

Saitama city confirmed a woman in her 40s in Saitama city and a woman in her 20s in Ageo. The latter is believed to be part of a cluster of infections related to a cabaret club in Omiya.

The prefecture confirmed 21 cases and as always are slow updating the details of where etc. NHK reported however “Of these, the detailed situation is known of 9, in their 20s to 90s, all with mild symptoms, and a man in his 40s in Kawaguchi City is working at a medical institution in the prefecture.”

Koshigaya confirmed 3 cases including a man (a Uni student) and woman in their twenties and a man in his 40s.

Kawaguchi confirmed one man. There are conflicting reports – NHK says he’s in his 40s, other sources say he is a student in his 20s.

Update July 8th: one of the 27 cases is a man in his 80s in Fujimi. Another is a man in his forties in Fujimino. They’ve also released information about a woman in her twenties in Kawagoe.

Monday July 6th

Total new cases : 16

The prefecture confirmed 12 of those of which one is a teenager in Moroyama. Also confirmed – a woman in her 20s in Kumagaya, a man in his 20s in Asaka, a man in his 20s in Soka, a woman in her 20s in Warabi, a hairdresser in her 20s (location not revealed). Kawaguchi confirmed 2 cases – a mother and daughter – and Koshigaya and Saitama city confirmed 1 case each. The Saitama city confirmed case is a man in his 40s in Ageo.

Update July 8th: one of the 16 is a man in his twenties in Asaka.

Sunday July 5th

Total new cases: 21

21:00 Saitama city confirmed ten cases bringing the total to 21. 19:07 11 cases have been confirmed in Saitama prefecture so far today. 8 were confirmed by the prefecture, 2 by Kawaguchi city and 1 by Koshiagaya city.

Saturday July 4th

Total new cases: 27

Of the 27 confirmed cases, they have only released information for three. Those three are in Saitama City. Two women in their twenties and one woman in her forties.

  • Kawagoe City – 1 case
  • Fujimi City – 1 case, a man in his twenties

Friday July 3rd

Total new cases: 26

Of the 26 confirmed, 12 are related to the same company in Sugito Town. 3 were confirmed by Kawaguchi City; a man in his 30s and a man in his 20s, plus a woman in her 60s. For all three, the route of infection is unknown, but they are all in a stable condition.

  • Sugito Town – 12 cases related to the same company
  • Saitama City – 7 *
  • Fukaya – 1 *
  • Kawaguchi – 3
  • Koshigaya – 3

    *Saitama City confirmed 8, of which 7 are in Saitama City itself, but one is in Fukaya City.

The total figure for Japan has surpassed 200 for the first time in two months.

The city also updated information for several cases previously reported (between June 25th and July 1st) as “unknown or undisclosed”. Those people were in Okegawa, Fujimino, Kawagoe, Kumagaya, Tokorozawa, Sugito, Soka and Shiki. And also one case confirmed outside the prefecture.

Thursday July 2nd

Total new cases: 19

*The final figure released by the prefecture for July 2nd was 19, as per Tokyo newspaper earlier in the evening. Other online newspapers initially reported 16. Those that were confirmed by city earlier this evening –

  • Kawaguchi – at least 1
  • Higashimatsuyama – 1
  • Saitama City – 1
  • Koshigaya – 3
  • Undisclosed – 13

So far Kawaguchi has confirmed one case – a woman in her 80s whose son in his 50s was previously confirmed positive. Higashimatsuyama have also announced 1 case. Awaiting further updates. Tokyo confirmed 107 new cases of coronavirus today July 2nd.

Governor Ono said today they are looking at ways to tackle the problem with outbreaks in the entertainment industry. They are (finally) thinking of expanding PCR testing to include not only people who had direct contact with an infected person, but also all staff and customers who frequent an establishment where there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Wednesday July 1st

Total new cases: 14

Confirmed cases by area

  • Saitama City – 3
  • Tokorozawa – 2
  • Gyoda – 2
  • Iruma – 1
  • Kawaguchi – 2
  • Koshigaya – 1
  • Misato – 1
  • Details undisclosed – 2

The prefecture and cities of Kawaguchi and Saitama confirmed a total of 14 new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday July 1st.

According to Saitama prefecture, new confirmed infections were a male doctor in his 30s and a self-employed man in his 20s in Tokorozawa. Two women in Gyoda city tested positive – one in her 40s the other in her 20s. A self-employed men in his 30s in Iruma city and a part-time worker in his 50s in Kawaguchi city were also confirmed. A woman in her 90s in Koshigaya city, and a man in his 20s, a medical professional in Misato city, and two others that we do not know details such as gender and age.

According to the prefecture, the doctor in Tokorozawa City is a medical officer of the Ground Self-Defense Force. He works at the Defense Medical College Hospital. **Correction**: The woman in Koshigaya and doctor in Misato City are related to the Misato General Hospital where multiple cases have been reported.

In addition, according to Kawaguchi City, a new infection was confirmed in a female employee in her 20s living in the prefecture.

Plus according to Saitama City, three new infections have been found in total, including men in their 20s and 30s living in the city. The man in his 30s had been to the cabaret club in Omiya where multiple infections have occurred. On the 30th, the number of infected people related to this store was 14, 12 of whom live in Saitama, the other two in Tokyo.

Prefectures are investigating their behavior history and rich contacts. The number of people infected with the new coronavirus announced in Saitama is now 1143*. (*This is NHK’s figure which differs to the prefectures official total).

Governor Ono once again appealed to Saitama-jin to refrain from going to Tokyo unnecessarily.

coronavirus Saitama

Tuesday June 30th

Total new cases: 10

The prefecture has confirmed 10 new cases of Covid-19 today, June 30th.

Saitama Prefecture confirmed six cases, Saitama City three cases and Kawaguchi City one case for a total of ten cases on Tuesday June 30th 2020. Of the six the prefecture confirmed, one is a preschool student living in Today city. S/he is living with a family member(s) that has previously tested positive for Covid-19. Another three from that six are from an unknown route – a man in his 30s from Hidaka, another in his 40s from Ranzan and an 80 year old man whose location has not yet been disclosed.

Trace contacts of the cabaret club in Omiya where a cluster broke out last week have all tested negative for Covid-19.

June 30th Confirmed cases by area

  • Toda – 1 preschooler
  • Hidaka – 1 man in his 30s
  • Ranzan – 1 man in his 40s
  • Saitama city: 3 cases – 2 women in their 20s, 1 man in his 40s
  • Kawaguchi – 1 man in his 30s
  • Location undisclosed – 1 man in his 80s
  • Not specified: 2 remaining confirmed cases

Monday June 29th

Total new cases: 13

Three of them in Saitama city of which two of them are in their teens. Two in Koshigaya, including a child under ten years old. One in Kawagoe and one in Soka – further information for both in the next paragraph. One in Kawaguchi, Kumagaya and one in Kamisato. Two still under investigation. One – updating.

Kawagoe: A man in his twenties working for Daiwa House. His last day of work was Thursday the 25th of June. He has mild symptoms. Unfortunately, the route of infection is unknown. The city are using trace contacting to try and uncover the route and to test for further spread. Soka: Also a man in his 20s. He had a high fever on the 23rd. His test came back positive today.

New: Governor Ono held a press conference earlier this evening. He has requested that Saitama-jin avoid going into Tokyo unnecessarily. He also asked that people avoid going out “downtown” after a cluster in the entertainment industry in Saitama this past weekend.


  • Saitama City: 3 of which 2 are in their teens
  • Koshigaya: 2 of which 1 is a child
  • Kawagoe: 1 man in his 20s
  • Soka city: 1 man in his 20s
  • Kumagaya: 1
  • Kawaguchi: 1
  • Kamisato: 1
  • Under investigation: 2
  • ?? : 1

Sunday June 28th

Total new cases: 8

NHK is reporting 8 new cases for Saitama Prefecture today. There total figures of cases now align with the that of the prefectures. Previously, there total figures were 3 fewer than that of the official prefecture numbers.

  • 2 in Saitama City
  • 1 in Konosu
  • 1 in Kawaguchi
  • 1 in Warabi
  • 1 in Soka, who works in Misato General Hospital
  • 1 who works in Tokyo, but location in Saitama not revealed
  • 1 not yet specified

Saturday June 27th

Total new cases: 8

On the 27th, Saitama Prefecture and Kawaguchi City announced that a total of 8 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus. They didn’t give details, but NHK had the story (translated by Google!):

According to Saitama Prefecture, seven people were confirmed to have been infected, including women in their 90s living in Misato City, women in their 20s in Toda City, and men in their 50s in Saitama City.
Of these, a woman from Misato City is an inpatient at Misato Central General Hospital, which has already been confirmed to be infected by medical personnel.
According to Kawaguchi City, a new infection was confirmed in a man in his 50s living in Saitama prefecture. This man is a friend of a man in his twenties who has already been confirmed to be infected.
Now the number of people infected with the new coronavirus announced in the prefecture is 1095*. 🔚

*Prefecture reports a total of 1098.

Friday June 26th

Total new cases: 16

Total cases to date 1090 according to Saitama Prefecture, but NHK reports it as 1087. It always takes them a while to update the locations of new cases, but they have revealed a few:

  • Koshigaya: 1 new case (so far) – a woman 20s
  • Saitama City: 2 new cases – man in his 50s and woman in her 20s
  • Kawaguchi: 2 new cases – two men in their 20s
  • Soka: 1 new case – man in his 30s
  • New* Misato: 1 case
  • New* Kamisato: 1 case
  • the rest still under investigation

*New = information added when it became available on June 27th

Saitama Coronavirus Updates

I’ve been sharing these updates on the In Saitama Facebook page, but unfortunately Facebook pages have no search function. Once the information gets pushed down the feed, it is hard to find old updates. So I will be adding them to this update page (in addition to the Facebook page) from today Friday June 26th. I am aiming for daily updates, but there might be days that I won’t be able to update promptly.

The updates from earlier this week:

Thursday June 25th

The prefecture still hasn’t updated information for yesterday’s 11 cases, but Saitama Shinbun had information for 7 of them this morning. Of those 7, 5 come under the prefecture’s jurisdiction and 2 are in Kawaguchi


1 in Soka – trace contact
1 in Sakado – trace contact of Iruma patient of the 23rd
1 in Shiki – trace contact
1 in Toda – unknown route of infection
1 in Kawaguchi – works at the hospital in Warabi where a few cases have been reported


2 cases in Kawaguchi

“According to Kawaguchi City, the newly discovered infections were office workers working in Tokyo. Women, one in her 50s and one in her 20s. None have travel history. Both were hospitalized, but the symptoms are stable.”

Updated 25th’s information, released on June 26th:

  • Kawagoe: 2 new cases – woman in her 20s, man in his 60s
  • Sayama: 2 new cases – woman in her 80s, man in his 50s
  • Kumagaya: 1 new case – woman in her 30s

Wednesday June 24th

There were 9 new Coronavirus Covid cases in Saitama yesterday June 24th. They haven’t released all the data yet. What we know – 4 in Kawaguchi, 2 in Warabi, 1 in Saitama City. One still “under investigation” . 1 ?? Edited to add after seeing the info on Twitter: the Saitama City case is a JHS student. They have closed the school for two days to disinfect. (No comment!)

They also released some of (but not all) the missing data from the 23rd. Additional (to Shiki, Ageo, Kawaguchi and Warabi) locations include Fujimi, Fujimino, Iruma, Koshiagaya and Kamisato.

Tuesday June 23rd

Saitama’s COVID-19 cases hits double figures for the first time since May 9th. 12 new cases confirmed today (11 confirmed by Saitama plus 1 confirmed independently). Waiting for the break down, but the prefecture website has released that there were cases in Ageo, Kawaguchi and Shiki. And below article says one in Warabi.

From the article linked below (roughtly translated)

“…A male healthcare worker in his 30s who works at Warabi Municipal Hospital was found to be positive after being tested
through contact tracing, because his co-worker was found to be infected. Shiki city’s woman in her 40s and daughter in her 20s are said to be living together with family members in their 60s who have already been infected. Infection of a female employee in her 50s in the city was also confirmed. The prefecture says that the remaining 7 people are still under investigation.

Kawaguchi City announced the infection of a male employee in his 30s living in the city.

Also, the prefecture announced the 13 people who were added as dead as a result of changing the publication standard for death of infected people. The breakdown is 1 in the 30s, 2 in the 70s, and 5 in the 80s and 90s. By gender, there were 7 males and 6 females, and by residential area there were 12 inside the prefecture and 1 outside the prefecture.”


Saitama Prefecture Coronavirus web pages

Stop Covid Saitama website in English

Cancelled events in Saitama


  1. unfortunately here things arent going too well. In Victoria we have outbreaks left right and centre. rest of australia barely anything some states havent had a case in weeks. but here 41 new cases yesterday. not sure today. they are going crazy with testing aiming to test 50% of people in certain areas in a few days. but still… how much are they testing in Japan?

    1. Oh no. I am very sorry to hear that. Australia seemed to be doing so well. I hope it is not an upward trend for you guys. Testing has increased a little bit, not much, here. They have started testing asymptomatic contacts of confirmed cases. They should have been doing that all along imho. So they are turning up more asymptomatic cases than before. Tokyo’s figures have been over 50 for three days in a row now and over 40 on average in the past 2 weeks. Its not looking good here either.

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