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Saitama Coronavirus updates for July.

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Last update Friday August 1st at 11:08.

August Updates

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July Coronavirus Information

Friday July 31st


19:30 ~ 57 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Saitama Prefecture today, Friday July 31st. It is the fourth day in a row that the figure has been over 50. At 22:30 the prefecture finally updated the official website to reflect the figures announced earlier. However they still haven’t updated the figures by town / city, except for a handful of cases.

21:50 ~ Another death from Covid-19 was announced in Saitama Prefecture today. It is the 74th death from Covid-19 in the prefecture.

By area:

  • Saitama City – 12
  • Kawaguchi – 5
  • Koshigaya – 3
  • Tokorozawa – 3
  • Niiza – 3
  • Iruma – 2
  • Ageo – 1 (+)
  • Soka – 10
  • Toda – 1
  • Warabi – 1 (+)
  • Kawagoe – 3

Confirmed by:

  • the prefecture – 40 cases
  • Koshigaya – 4 3 cases (four cases were reported by NHK earlier in the day, but the official total released was 3)
  • Kawagoe – 3 cases
  • Saitama City – 9 cases (of which one is a baby and another a teenage boy)
  • Kawaguchi – 2 cases
New CasesTotal cases
July 31st572,313
July 30th572,256
July 29th532,199
July 28th552,146
July 27th232,091
July 26th332,068
July 25th352,035
July 24th452,000
July 23rd641,955
July 22nd621,892
July 21st471,830
July 20th291,783
July 19th381,755
July 18th491,717
July 17th511,668
July 16th491,617
July 15th381,568
July 14th421,530
July 13th261,488
July 12th311,462
July 11th351,431
July 10th441,396
July 9th221,352
July 8th481,330
July 7th271,282
July 6th161,255
July 5th211,239
July 4th271,218
July 3rd261,191
July 2nd191,165
July 1st141,146
June figures

August information here (click).

Saitama Coronavirus hotline

Thursday July 30th

Total new cases: 57

The prefecture confirmed 41 cases. Kawaguchi confirmed 5 cases. Saitama City also confirmed 5 cases. Koshigaya and Kawagoe confirmed 3 cases each.

By area:

  • Saitama City – 7 cases
  • Kawaguchi – 6 cases
  • Tokorozawa – 5 cases
  • Koshigaya – 3 cases
  • Kawagoe – 1 case
  • Soka – 3 cases
  • Kasukabe – 3 cases
  • Toda – 3 cases
  • Fujimino – 1 case
  • Ageo – 3 cases
  • Sayama – 1 case
  • Fujimi – 1 case

The total figures by city were finally updated late last night. Here is how they stand for cities / towns with more than 20 cases:

Location in Saitama PrefectureLatest figures from 7/29IncreaseJuly 27th
Saitama City404+19385

Wednesday July 30th

Total new cases: 53

20:31 ~ Another death from the Covid-19 was recorded in Saitama today. Bringing the total number of deaths from the virus to 73 in the prefecture.

20:15 ~ 53 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Saitama Prefecture today, Wednesday July 29th.

39 cases were confirmed between Saitama Prefecture and Saitama City. 2 cases were confirmed by Kawagoe. 12 were confirmed between Koshigaya and Kawaguchi.

The big news today is that Iwate Prefecture has had its first cases of Covid-19. Two cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Iwate today.

Tuesday July 29th

Total new cases: 55

21:30 ~ The Prefecture confirmed the total figure of new Covid-19 cases for Saitama Prefecture on Tuesday July 28th is 55. Bringing the total number of cases in Saitama to date to 2,146.

Confirmed by:

  • the Prefecture – 38
  • Kawagoe – 2 of which 1 lives in Kawagoe and 1 in Ageo
  • Saitama City – 5 of which 3 live in Saitama City and 2 are “under investigation”
  • Koshigaya – ? cases, of which 1 lives in Matsubushi, 1 in Koshigaya
  • Kawaguchi

19:40 ~ A total of 55 new Covid-19 cases in Saitama on Tuesday July 28th is currently being reported. Of those 10 were confirmed by Koshigaya and Kawaguchi, 5 by Saitama City, 2 by Kawagoe and 38 by the prefecture.

18:35 ~ Kawagoe has confirmed 2 new cases of Covid-19 today. One, a woman in her 40s, who lives in Kawagoe, and one, a girl in her teens, who lives in Ageo.

17:35 ~ Saitama Prefecture have announced that they confirmed 38 new cases of Covid-19 today, Tuesday July 28th.

Monday July 28th

Total new cases: 23

23 new cases of Covid-19 in Saitama Prefecture today July 27th. The break down isn’t clear yet, except that one of those cases was confirmed in Kawagoe. That case is a man in his fifties who went to work on July 24th and had a 37.7 degree fever later the same day. He visited the hospital on the 25th for a PCR test and a positive result came back today. He has been at home since yesterday. They are testing the other person who lives with him.

Confirmed by:

  • the prefectural Government – 17 cases
  • Koshigaya – 2 cases
  • Kawagoe – 1 case

Sunday July 27th

Total new cases: 33

18:16 ~ 33 new Covid-19 cases confirmed in Saitama Prefecture on Sunday July 26th.

Confirmed by:

  • the Prefecture – 18
  • Kawaguchi – 7
  • Saitama City – 5
  • Kawagoe – 3

Saturday July 26th

Total new cases: 35

Friday July 25th

Total new cases: 45

19:25 ~ 45 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Saitama Prefecture today. There was also one death, a woman in her 90s, in Kawaguchi city.

Cases confirmed by:

  • the prefecture – 26 cases
  • Saitama City – 12 cases
  • Kawaguchi – 3 cases
  • Koshigaya – 2 cases
  • Kawagoe – 2 case

16:30 ~ Awaiting updates. Tokyo was late announcing figures today, currently ‘breaking news’ stories are reporting 260 new cases in the capital today, Friday July 24th.

Thursday July 24th

Total new cases: 64, exceeding the record high of the 22nd and is now the highest record of new Covid-19 cases confirmed in one day in Saitama Prefecture.

18:42 ~ 64 cases of Covid-19 confirmed. And a new record of daily highs. (7/24 – The prefecture did not confirm this figure until after 10 pm on the 23rd)

Confirmed by:

  • the Prefecture – 47
  • Kawaguchi – 5 (of which 2 live in Saitama City)
  • Saitama City – 9
  • Koshigaya – 3

17:14 ~ Kawaguchi confirmed 5 new cases of Covid-19. Koshigaya confirmed 3 new cases of Covid-19.

Kawaguchi – all five cases are women in their 40s. Of those five, two live with teenage daughters and are resident in Saitama City.

Koshigaya – all three are men. They age in range from 40 to 59 years old.

By area

  • Kasukabe – 4
  • Saitama City – 3 (2 confirmed by Koshigaya)
  • Tokorozawa – 3
  • Koshigaya – 3
  • Kawaguchi – 4 (1 confirmed by prefecture)
  • Iruma – 1
  • Chichibu – 1
  • Warabi – 1
  • Shiki – 1
  • Toda – 1
  • Unknown / undisclosed / under investigation – 42

Wednesday July 22nd

Total new cases: 62. Highest daily on record.

7.23 – The prefecture updated the website chart to “62”. (See next paragraph).

21:50 *The chart on the prefecture website that is updated daily at 9 pm says 61, but underneath you will see “Newly announced on July 22nd: 62”. Honestly, I don’t know what the discrepancy is, and/or why they don’t just update the chart, but the total figure for Wednesday July 22nd seems to be 62 (not 61).

19:30 Today Saitama Prefecture has the highest number of new cases of Covid-19 confirmed in one day since the pandemic began. As of NHK teletext at 18:12 there have been 62 Covid-19 cases confirmed by the prefecture today.

Confirmed by:

  • the Prefecture – 42 cases
  • Saitama City – 10 cases
  • Kawaguchi – 7 cases
  • Koshigaya – 3 cases
Saitama Coronavirus

Tuesday July 21st

Total new cases: 47.

22:00 – The official total of new Covid-19 cases in Saitama Prefecture on Tuesday July 21st 2020 is 47.

19:30 – Confirmed by:

  • the prefecture – 32
  • Saitama City – 5
  • Kawaguchi – 7
  • Koshigaya – 3

In Saitama City a school girl (younger than 10 years old) and a 40 year old man who live together were among the five cases. The girl’s school will be closed tomorrow for disinfection and her close contacts will be tested for the virus. Another two men in their 40s also tested positive in Saitama City and the fifth case is a man in his 20s.

Of the seven cases in Kawaguchi, three of them are trace contacts of a previously confirmed case.

Cases confirmed by the prefecture:

  • Soka – 1 case
  • Undisclosed – 3 cases of which two are students. One under 10 years old, one between 10 and 19 years old. The third is a woman in her 60s. Each of these cases are living with some that was previously confirmed to have the virus.

Monday July 20th

Total new cases: 29

21:15 – the official total from the prefecture for Monday July 20th is 29 new cases of Covid-19 and one death.

7/21 15:49 – Information for the location of the cases isn’t as readily available as it was before. Apart from cases confirmed in a city, by a city, the locations of the patients don’t come out the same day anymore. So for July 20th we know that there was (at least) one case in Kawagoe, two in Koshigaya (the 3rd confirmed there is not living in Koshigaya), four in Saitama City and four in Kawaguchi. Of the cases confirmed by the prefecture only the following information has been released so far:

  • Iruma city – 1 teenage boy
  • Tokorozawa – 1 woman in her 30s
  • Hanyu – 1 man in his 50s

19:07 – currently a total of 29 cases is being reported for Saitama Prefecture.

Saitama Prefecture announced that prefectural schools in the West area with students who have tested positive for Covid-19 will be temporarily closed from today, July 20th.

18:40 – Kawagoe confirmed one case. The prefecture confirmed one new death from Covid-19.

18:30 – Koshigaya confirmed 3 new cases of Covid-19.

17:00 – The prefecture confirmed 18 new cases of Covid-19.

The confirmed case in Kawagoe is a man in his thirties. He went to work on the 17th and had a fever of 37.7 the same day. He did not go to work on the 18th and went to the hospital where they did a PCR test on the 18th. The route of infection is unknown. They are currently testing the other three people who live with him.

Kanto Plain

※Tokyo 168
※Kanagawa 11 – 10 of which from an unknown route
※Chiba 18
※Ibaraki 1
※Tochigi 1

Sunday July 19th

Total new cases: 38

The prefecture has confirmed that the total figure is indeed 38 for Saitama Prefecture on Sunday July 19th 2020. Confirmed by:

  • the Prefecture – 23
  • Kawaguchi – 8
  • Koshigaya – 2 (but 3 cases in Koshigaya total)
  • Saitama City – 5

Of the cases confirmed today one is a police officer in Koshigaya. 13 of his co-workers are quarantining at home for the next two weeks.

Two patrons of a “show pub” in Koshigaya tested positive today. A man in his 40s from Yoshikawa and a man in his 50s from Saitama City. It brings to 10 the total of people confirmed positive at this particular show pub. A few places online reveal that the pub is “Stage Club Trevian Minami Koshigaya”, but this information has not been officially released as far as I am aware.

There was also a correction announced for Saitama City who double counted a man in his 20s yesterday, the 18th.

18:42 The prefecture, Saitama City and Koshigaya confirmed 30 cases between them.

17:27 Kawaguchi confirmed eight new cases of Covid-19 today, Sunday July 19th.

Kanto Plain July 19th


Saturday July 18th

Total new cases: 49

21:57 – The prefecture still hasn’t updated with today’s figures, but multiple sources including NHK are reporting 49 as the total figure.

The Saitama Prefecture Educational Board has said among today’s newly confirmed cases are two high school students in the same class at Omiya Minami High School.

20:30 – 49 cases confirmed and one man in his 80s died of Covid-19 in hospital today. May he rest in peace.

Of those 7 were confirmed by Saitama City: two teenage boys, three people in their twenties, a woman in her fifties and a man in his sixties.

19:14 – Koshigaya 9 cases confirmed.

18:57 – The prefecture confirmed 25 new cases of Covid-19.

18:30 – Kawaguchi have confirmed 8 new cases of Covid-19. Sougo Seibu Kawaguchi remains closed after another staff member was confirmed to have Covid-19 today. Two others were confirmed positive yesterday. In total seven cases have been confirmed in the last 18 days at this branch. Of them, six were working on the food floor.

Confirmed by:

  • the Prefecture – 25 cases
  • Saitama City – 7 cases
  • Kawaguchi – 8 cases
  • Koshigaya – 9 cases

17:00 Kanagawa has confirmed 49 cases, Chiba 32.

14:15 Tokyo has confirmed 290 cases.

13:45 Here’s what we know so far: Niigata Prefecture has confirmed one new case of Covid-19. Hiroshima has confirmed two new cases of Covid-19. Nagasaki has confirmed five new cases.

Friday July 17th

Total new cases: 51

A total of 51 Covid-19 cases were confirmed in Saitama prefecture on Friday July 17th. It’s the first time in three months the number has gone over 50. Of these 51 four are from a preschool that already had two cases for a total of six. The Prefecture has not released further information. Speculation is that they are from the Satte Cluster.

Also, an alarming figure that came out today: 12% of cases in Saitama in the week to the 15th of July were under ten years old. The previous week it was 6%. (Source: NHK).

Break down by area:

  • Kasukabe – 7 cases
  • Kawaguchi – 5 cases
  • Koshigaya – 3 cases (plus 1 extra confirmed from another location)
  • Fujimino – 4 cases
  • Kawagoe – 3 cases
  • Saitama City – 3 cases
  • Misato – 3 cases
  • Ina – 2 cases
  • Kuki – 2 cases
  • Toda – 2 cases
  • Sayama – 2 cases
  • Moroyama – 2 cases
  • Okegawa – 2 case
  • Shiraoka – 1 case
  • Hasuda – 1 case
  • Yoshikawa – 1 case
  • ??? – 7 cases

Confirmed by:

  • the Prefecture – 36
  • Koshigaya – 4

The news is reporting that according to Emeritus Professor Kodama the Coronavirus has mutated and that there is a Tokyo strain and a Saitama strain.

Koshigaya and Kawaguchi will follow Saitama City’s lead and start testing people who work at host and cabaret clubs for free.

Kanto Plain

Tokyo confirmed 293 cases of Covid-19 today, making it the highest daily figure to date.
Kanagawa are reporting 43 new cases and have raised an alert.
※Currently 20 new Covid-19 cases are being reported by Chiba prefecture.

Nurses, doctors and medical workers have gone on strike in a hospital in Funabashi.

The Government has asked that young people in groups and senior citizens avoid using the Go To travel campaign. More in English here.

Thursday July 16th

Total new cases: 49

A total of 49 new cases of Covid-19 were detected in Saitama Prefecture on July 17th 2020. The highest daily figure since the State of Emergency was lifted.

Breakdown by location:

  • Asaka – 3 cases
  • Kasukabe – 3 cases
  • Okegawa – 2 cases
  • Soka – 2 cases
  • Misato – 2 cases
  • Hasuda – 2 cases
  • Yashio – 2 cases
  • Fujimino – 2 cases
  • Shiki – 2 cases
  • Kawagoe – 1 case. (through the prefecture not the city? Not on city page)
  • Toda – 1 case
  • Ageo – 1 case
  • Kawaguchi – 1 case
  • Sugito – 1 case
  • Kuki – 1 case
  • Tokorozawa – 1 case
  • Matsubushi – 1 case
  • Sakado – 1 case
  • Outside the prefecture – 7 cases
  • Unknown – 1 case
  • ??? – 12

Before 19:30:

Tokyo Newspaper is reporting that there have been 49 cases confirmed for Saitama Prefecture. NHK were initially reporting 34, but updated to 49 at 19:28. This is the highest daily figure for new Coronavirus figures since the State of Emergency was lifted.

Of the 49, so far we know that the prefecture confirmed 30 new cases and Kawaguchi has reported 4.

Saitama City started a free PCR test for all employees of cabaret and host clubs yesterday. So far, 118 staff from three different clubs have been tested.

Confirmed by:

  • the Prefecture – 30
  • Kawaguchi – 4

Tokyo figures were the highest ever (since the pandemic started) today: 286 new cases of Covid-19.

Kanagawa recorded 47 new cases of Covid-19, the highest in a day since the State of Emergency was lifted.

Osaka also recorded the highest since the State of Emergency was lifted with 66 new cases.

Miyagi Prefecture also recorded the highest ever number of cases to date. 14 people were confirmed to have Covid-19 in the prefecture today.

Wednesday July 15th

Total new cases: 38

19:30 Saitama City confirmed 6 new cases of Covid-19 and Koshigaya confirmed 1 bringing the total for Saitama Prefecture up to 38.

The Koshigaya case is a male worker in thirties. In Saitama City the six cases are aged between 20 and 79 years old.

17:00 Saitama Prefecture announced that they have confirmed 29 new cases of Covid-19 today. They haven’t released any further information yet.

Kawaguchi City also confirmed 1 case. A woman in her thirties.

16:30 from Kawagoe City “A medical institution in the city today confirmed one case of …coronavirus. It is the 53rd case confirmed in our city. ”

The patient is a female office worker in her twenties. She didn’t go to work on the 9th or 10th nor did she leave her house. She had a sudden fever on the 11th, it went up to 38.6 on the 12th. She went for the PCR test on the 13th, it came back positive on the 14th. Yet it goes into today’s figures. She has no known association with a previously confirmed case. She is in the hospital now. They are testing the two people who live in the same house as her.

Confirmed by:

  • Kawagoe – 1 case
  • Kawaguchi – 1 case
  • Koshigaya – 1 case
  • Saitama City – 6 cases
  • Saitama Prefecture – 29 cases

Tuesday July 14th

Total new cases: 42

21:06 the final total number of new cases reported for Saitama Prefecture on Tuesday July 14th: 42 new case.

Confirmed by:

  • The Prefecture – 32
  • Saitama City – 5
  • Kawaguchi – 3
  • Koshigaya – 2

Of the cases confirmed, one – a man in his forties – is related to a theater cluster in Shinjuku. The individual works at the theater according to NHK.

In Kawaguchi a female part time worker in her twenties, an office worker in his thirties, and an office worker in her forties were confirmed positive.

In Koshigaya, an office worker in her forties and a part time worker in his fifties were confirmed positive.

The breakdown of the 32 cases confirmed by the prefecture:

  • Yoshikawa City – 4 cases
  • Tsurugashima – 3 cases
  • Ageo – 2 cases
  • Tokorozawa – 2 cases
  • Soka – 2 cases
  • Niiza – 2 cases
  • Saitama City – 2 cases
  • Asaka – 2 cases
  • Kasukabe – 2 cases
  • Fujimi – 1 case
  • Wako – 1 case
  • Hasuda – 1 case
  • Toda – 1 case
  • Ina – 1 case
  • Okegawa – 1 case
  • Higashichichibu – 1 case
  • Outside the prefecture – 2 cases

Monday July 13th

Total new cases: 26

Cases confirmed by:

  • The Prefecture – 16
  • Koshigaya – 2
  • Kawagoe – 1
  • Kawaguchi – 3
  • Saitama City – 4

Sunday July 12th

Total new cases: 31

21:00 The prefecture have announced that the total figure of new Covid-19 cases in Saitama Prefecture on Sunday July 12th 2020 is 31.

  • 21 cases confirmed by the prefecture
  • 3 cases confirmed by Saitama City
  • 6 cases confirmed by Kawaguchi
  • 1 case confirmed by Kawagoe

20:55 NHK is reporting the figure for Saitama Prefecture is 31 new cases on July 12th. The extra three are from Saitama City.

18:40 so far Kawaguchi has confirmed 6 cases, Kawagoe 1 for Sunday July 12th. The Kawaguchi cases are aged between 20 and 59 years old. The Kawagoe case is a man whose father previously tested positive for the virus. New: the prefecture announced 21 confirmed cases (around 19:20) excluding the designated and core cities.

Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park is lighting up the YS11 plane in the park blue between 7 and 9 pm until July 31st in support of the front line workers in the fight against the Coronavirus. In another part of town, at the Citizens Cultural Center the avenue of trees is also lit up blue during this period.

Kanto Plain

  • Tokyo 206
  • Kanagawa 23
  • Chiba 31
  • Ibaraki 3
  • Gunma
  • Tochigi

Saturday July 11th

Total new cases: 35

35 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Saitama Prefecture today. The prefecture confirmed 28, Saitama City confirmed 3, Koshigaya confirmed 3, Kawaguchi confirmed 1.

The breakdown by location:

  • Soka – 3 cases
  • Wako – 3 cases
  • Kuki – 3 cases
  • Kawagoe – 2 cases
  • Satte – 2 cases
  • Higashichichibu – 1 case (their first case)
  • Ageo – 1 case
  • Hasuda – 1 case
  • Fukaya – 1 case
  • Fujimi – 1 case
  • Kawaguchi – 1 case
  • Under investigation – 1 case
  • Outside Saitama – 1 case
  • ??? – 16 cases

Of the 21 above, 11 were related to previously diagnosed cases. Among those figures there were some related to a cluster in Kuki City. The prefecture has said that seven staff and children of the same kindergarten in Kuki city have tested positive. However, it is not yet known if those seven tested positive today or if that is over the last week. They did say that they tested all staff and children and the remaining 181 tested negative.

▼July 1st to July 10th figures and information▼

▼June figures and information▼

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  1. unfortunately here things arent going too well. In Victoria we have outbreaks left right and centre. rest of australia barely anything some states havent had a case in weeks. but here 41 new cases yesterday. not sure today. they are going crazy with testing aiming to test 50% of people in certain areas in a few days. but still… how much are they testing in Japan?

    1. Oh no. I am very sorry to hear that. Australia seemed to be doing so well. I hope it is not an upward trend for you guys. Testing has increased a little bit, not much, here. They have started testing asymptomatic contacts of confirmed cases. They should have been doing that all along imho. So they are turning up more asymptomatic cases than before. Tokyo’s figures have been over 50 for three days in a row now and over 40 on average in the past 2 weeks. Its not looking good here either.

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