Wintersweet, light up, strawberries and a hina doll with a mask some of the February Events in Saitama Prefecture

Since the start of 2023, this page showcases events on by month. Moreover, I add new events all the time, so please do pop back every now and then. Each event is linked to a page with further information. However, as events by their very nature are tentative, please do always check with the official websites (linked within each post) for any last minute changes and the most up to date information.

Saitama Prefecture Event Information 埼玉県のイベント情報

Daily Events

First up, events that are on every day, that an attraction is open, in February. (Several places close on a Monday. For example, Saitama Children’s zoo where the capybara onsen is on).

Weekend events in February

Hereafter, events on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. Typically, I only include weekday events if they are public holidays, with the occasional exception. But anything in the daily list is available on weekdays, if the venue is open. Often attractions are closed one day a week, with Monday closures being the most common. Also, bear in mind, some of these events are dependent on the weather!

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Setsubun Friday February 3rd

All of the events listed at the top of the post, plus…

Saturday February 4th

Sunday February 5th

Even more events will be added soon.

Friday February 10th

Public Holiday Saturday February 11th

Sunday February 12th

Valentines Day Tuesday February 14th

This entry is a bit different as it is a weekday. Rather than about being about what’s on, its about what’s ending!

Last day of

Friday February 17th

Saturday February 18th

Sunday February 19th

February 21st

Special entry for Pancake Tuesday!

Public Holiday February 23rd

Even more events will be added soon.

Friday February 24th

Saturday February 25th

Sunday February 26th

February 28th

Is the last day of

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