Events through the seasons in Saitama Prefecture

In 2023, this page was used to showcase the events in Saitama Prefecture each month. In 2024, I will be giving each month a post of its own, rather than recycling the same page every month. Thus, this page will eventually serve as the index for all the event posts on

Index of Events in Saitama Prefecture

January FebruaryMarch
July August September

Index of Flowers in Saitama Prefecture

You can also find guides for flowers for some months.

January FebruaryMarch
JulyAugust September

You will also find guides by holiday. For example, the guide to Golden Week:

Months that already have their own post:

June events

Don’t let the rain stop you from exploring the scenery and events on in Saitama this month! June is a great month for events, particularly flower and nature events:

May events

The month starts off busy with Golden Week. And the weather starts to heat up as the month progresses. This round up includes places you can cool down as well as the largest flower, beer, food and other events in Saitama in May:

April events

One of the best months to visit Japan. Among the many events on in April you can enjoy the scenery and festivities of cherry blossom, azalea, shibazakura, peony and several other flower festivals.

March events

Early blooming cherry blossoms, plum blossoms at the start of the month and cherry blossom events galore at the end of the month.

February events

Another great and underrated month to visit Japan. Plum blossoms color Saitama for the full month of February with mid to end of February the best time to see them. You can still see wintersweet early in the month too and in the second half of the month the Kawazu early blooming cherry blossoms start to bloom in some places. Strawberries are still in their prime. And there are dozens of events on all over the prefecture:

January events

January is a great month to be in Japan. There is so much happening, especially in the first half of the month when there are dozens of events for New Years. Moreover, there is some truly spectacular scenery that you can only enjoy in the winter months:

You might also like this post with recommendations of what you can do in January in Japan. Or if you are a flower person, you might like this choice of flowers you can see in January in Japan.

December events (2023)

Another busy month with scores of Christmas events. Furthermore, many of the illumination displays get switched on in December and there are also Christmas Lights too.

October events (2023)

Halloween, festivals and fireworks abound:

August events (2023)

July events

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