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Ten rose gardens in Saitama Prefecture, commutable from Tokyo. The locations in this post change slightly every year. Each year I change at least one location, so even if you saw the 2023 version of this post, you will find that the 2024 list is slightly different.

The main period of bloom for roses in Saitama is the month of May. However, there are also autumn roses that bloom in October. In addition, there are winter roses too and even a few varieties that bloom out of the main seasons. This post contains a selection of ten rose gardens in Saitama, that have particularly nice spring rose displays.

Like most of these ’round up’ type posts, its more to serve as an index – so you can easily find the rose related posts as we approach the season. Please click on the “read more” on each entry to be brought to detailed information for that particular location, including address and map. However, I have also added all ten to a Google My Map for your convenience, which you will find at the bottom of this post. The numbers on the map match the sequence of the locations in this post.

10 rose gardens in Saitama Prefecture

Ten places to see roses in Saitama Prefecture:

  1. Saitama’s largest rose garden
  2. Japan’s longest rose tunnel
  3. Rural setting rose garden by a campsite
  4. Stunning rose garden with a cafe
  5. Roses near Tokyo
  6. Stunning Rose garden at a private house
  7. For a mix of seasonal flowers
  8. A secret rose garden cafe!
  9. Roadside station roses
  10. Roses at a scenic park

1. Saitama’s largest rose garden

Saitama’s largest rose garden is in Choseishiki (Chosei Seko) memorial park in Ina Town. Inamachi is known as a rose town. Their rose festival is one of the largest in the Kanto plain. The spring rose festival is quite famous throughout Japan. The festival will start on May 3rd in 2024…


2. Japan’s longest rose tunnel

Heiseinomori Park is a municipal park in the rural town of Kawajima. They don’t promote it as much as they used to, but they claim to have the longest rose tunnel in Japan. During the rose season they have a spring festival in the town. Moreover, although they don’t widely advertise it, they light the roses up at night here. This is a nice park with kids and they have a water play area beside the rose tunnel…

3. Rural setting Rose Garden by a campsite

This rose garden is tucked away in a corner of Moroyama town in the crevice of forested hill. It is right beside Yuzu no Sato campground. Takinoiri Rose Garden only opens for a few weeks a year: two weeks in spring and two in Autumn. Outside of the season, you can’t get onto the grounds so it is a rare chance to view this landscape garden…


4. Stunning rose garden at a cafe

Greenfinger Cafe in Tsurugashima is owned by multi award winning rose gardeners. So it is no surprise that the garden of the cafe, although small, is particularly stunning. Lunch at the cafe costs around 3000 yen, but it is worth every yennie for the breathtaking view. It is really popular during rose season, so it is strongly recommended that you book sooner rather than later…


5. Roses near Tokyo

Of the gardens on this list, the Yono Park rose garden is the closest to Tokyo. Due to its proximity to Tokyo the rose garden can get very congested during prime season. However, it is part of a larger park where you can easily find a quiet spot to yourself! The roses and festival at the park are highly acclaimed. A lesser known fact: there is a candle night on annually the night before the two day rose festival. Information for both:


6. Stunning Rose garden at private residence

Le Jairdin Secret, in a remote area of Kumagaya city, is quite famous within the rose world. And not just in Japan. Thanks to the owner’s strong presence on Youtube, many rose enthusiasts around the globe are familiar with this acclaimed garden. Yet, the garden is relatively unknown outside the rose community. So in one way it still is a secret garden! In 2024, the garden will be open to the public from May 8th …


This post replaced Kakyu no Sato in Konosu in 2024.

7. For a mix of seasonal flowers

Fukya Green Kingdom is an off the beaten path gem worth visiting at least once. The rose garden is quite small, but the beauty of this location is that you can see several other flowers at the same time. They also sell flowers on site and if you are in the market for a birdhouse, you can pick one of those up here too!


8. A secret rose garden cafe

Bara no Komichi, which means rose path, is an off-the-beaten-path cafe in Ageo City. It has actually been around for many years, but has managed to stay covert. The cafe and garden are actually open all year round, but the best time to visit the garden is when the roses are in bloom. Which is generally the month of May, particularly the middle of the month…


This entry replaced Garden Cafe Greenrose in 2023.

9. Roadside station roses

If you are travelling to Chichibu from Tokyo via the Kan-etsu expressway, you will pass Hanazono Forest when you alight at the Hanazono Interchange. It is well worth a stop, not just for the roses, but the sweets / desserts too! You can even pick strawberries here at this time of year (subject to availability).


10. Roses at a scenic park

Chikozan park is a large recreational park in Sayama City. In places it is quite au naturel, but it also has several manicured flower areas. Including a rose garden. The park has several attractions, including a great little zoo, so it is suitable for a family day out. You can even rent a cabin overnight there!

This is just a selection, there are of course dozens of other places to see roses in Saitama Prefecture. There are dozens of parks with some roses, some displays are larger than others. For example, Kamihira park in Ageo has quite a beautiful display. There are also open gardens in cities such as Konosu and Sakado. Moreover, there are dozens of garden cafes that boast picturesque rose displays in May. If there any you would like to recommend, please do drop a comment.

The Little Prince Parking area that used to be referenced in this post, unfortunately got rid of their rose garden during the pandemic.



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