Saitama Santa Meet and Greet locations

A reader has suggested that the Saitama Santa Meet and greet locations are hard to find on the event calendars among all the other winter and christmas events. So I’ve put together a Santa round up for 2018 in the hope that it is easier to find a Santa near you. Just click on the name of the location linked to be brought to full details in English. I am always open to feedback and / or questions, so please do comment if you think there is something I could improve. Thank you.

Saitama Santa Map

The map above has three layers:

  • Upcoming Santa
  • Saitama Santa Meet and Greet locations yet to confirm 
  • Santa meet and greets that are already over

I included the latter so people won’t be wondering if Santa has been or is yet to come to a location. 

Upcoming Santa

December 15th

Santa will visit the Takashimaya in Omiya on Saturday December 15th:

He will also visit:

December 16th

On Sunday December 16th Santa is visiting:

Maruhiro in Higashimatsuyama

He will also visit:

December 22nd

Santa will visit:

Cocoon City


December 23rd

Santa will be in Cocoon City again on the 23rd. He will also revisit Musashi No Mura:

December 24th

Santa will be in Stellar town, but you need to participate in a campaign that ends on December 12th in order to be in with a chance to meet him.

Santa will be back in Metsa on the 24th. He will revisit Musashi No Mura in Kazo too.

And he will also be in the Aeon Mall in Kasukabe.

You can also meet Santa in Lalaport Fujimi on the 24th:

Finished Santa

Locations that have already had their Santa Meet and Greets:

  • Toys R Us Iwatuski
  • Toys R Us Warabi
  • Toys R Us Okegawa
  • Toys R Us Mallage Shobu Kuki
  • Toys R Us Lalaport Fujimi
  • Aeon Washinomiya
  • Lego Store Lalaport Fujimi

December 9th

(Lapland) Santa will be visiting the new Metsa Village in Hanno:

Santa will also visit

The Babies R Us / Toys R Us in Tokorozawa 

Seibu Iruma Pepe

And the Aeon Mall in Kawaguchi:

December 14th

Added when the information became available on 2018.12.11 

Santa at Maruhiro Kawagoe on Friday December 14th:

Other expected Santa Locations

The following locations usually have a Santa, but no information is yet available for 2018. There is of course a chance they won’t have Santa at all this year:

  • Maruhiro Kawagoe (Confirmed)
  • Maruhiro Sakado (COnfirmed)
  • Maruhiro Ageo (Confirmed)
  • Maruhiro Hanno (confirmed)
  • Aeon Mall Kasukabe (Confirmed)
  • Elumi Konosu
  • Unicus Konosu
  • Unicus Kawagoe
  • Aeon Mall Hanyu
  • Mallage Shobu


    1. Author

      Hahaha! We went to see the Santa we see every year today… for the last 3 years he’s had a Finnish accent, today it was unmistakably a British accent. Santa has been working hard on his English skills!

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