Ouchizawa Peach Blossoms, Higashichichibu, Saitama

Peach Blossoms Saitama
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I am trying a new section on the blog to showcase beautiful areas of Saitama, that I just haven’t had and won’t have the time to visit in the near future. One of the places at the top of my “must visit at the end of March” list is Ouchizawa Hanamono No Sato, nicknamed by locals as “An earthly paradise”. It is famous within Saitama for the beautiful pink buds of the flower peaches, visible from end of March to early April.

We eventually got to visit in March 2020 and the magnificent scene lived up to its reputation

The Saitama Prefectural Department of Industy and labor, Tourism Division, shared information last year. It includes information about other flora and fauna in the area too:

Peach Blossoms Saitama Information:

Location: Ouchizawa, Higashi Chichibu, Chichibu District

Expected viewing season: late March ~ early April. Click here for information about the annual Peach blossom Festival in the area.

Number of blooms: About 5000

Access by public transport: Eagle Bus from either Ogawamachi Station or Yorii Station

Access by car: About 30 minutes from the Ranzan Ogawa Interchange of the Kanetsu expressway. Parking is free is no longer free. It costs 300 yen per car per day, worked on the honor system (pop the 300 yen into a box) and there are about 30 spots.

Cherry blossoms also bloom around the same time. Cherry blossoms on this blog:

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Seasonal events on this blog.


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      I hope to see it in person maybe next year, but unfortunately I know I won’t get up to that area this year. Thanks a million for commenting Mummy Ed. 🙂

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