Saitama Summer Festivals July 10th to 12th 2015

The weather and the festival season are warming up here in Japan! While most festivals take place after children get their summer holidays in the middle of July, there are a few held in early July. Here are the main festivals being held in Saitama, beside Tokyo, the weekend of July 10th to 12th.

Fukaya Tanabata Festival

July 10th – 12th

The colours in Fukaya are magnificent as the streets don thousands of coloured streamers.  There are different highlights for each day of the 3 weekend celebration of Tanabata.

Takes place close to Fukaya Station.

Flyer from the official website:

Kasukabe Festival

July 11th & 12th

The town of Crayon Shinchan comes to life with portable shrines and floats, music, dance and booths with food and games. Around the South exit of Kasukabe station. Image taken from the official website:

Hanyu Festival

July 11th

Like many of the summer festivals throughout the Japan this festival has a portable shrine, music, dance and food stalls.

Image taken from the official website:

Konosu Matsuri

July 12th

14.30 -21.00 A “mikoshi” which is a portable shrine weighing tons is carried 3 kilometres by a number of people down “heaven’s path” . They even have a small portable shrine that children carry. This event takes place 5 minutes from Konosu station.

From official website:

Urawa Music Parade and Dance

July 12th

The music parade is from 13.30 to 15.30 and the “Urawa dance” is from 16.30-21.00. Many of the performers are school students and school bands. Access from Urawa Station West Exit.

From STIB Saitama official Tourist website:

Kuki Lantern Festival / Tenno Festival

July 12th (and again on July 18th)

This festival celebrates local folklore and is famous throughout Japan. Huge floats of paper lanterns are carried through the town.

From the official festival website:


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