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Google Web Stories released a bug fix, so the Webstory is working again. Therefore, events on this weekend in Saitama are back on the Google Webstory:

This weekend in Saitama
This weekend in Saitama
Event and seasonal flowers / scenery information for this weekend in Saitama Prefecture, just North (and commutable) from Tokyo, Japan.
By Lynda (Elle)

I’ve left last weekend’s events showing as many of them are still on this weekend too.

For the past year, since January 6th 2022, I have been sharing a selection of 20 events on in Saitama each weekend on a Google Web Story. However, yesterday Google Web Stories decided to freeze. I can’t edit the story to update it with this week’s selection. It may be that Google needs to release a bug fix for the plug-in. Until I figure it out, this week I’m putting the ‘This weekend in Saitama’ in a good old fashioned blog post! But just like the web story, this post serves more as an index. The event name and a one sentence summary, followed by a preview and link of the blog post with all the details…

Events on This weekend in Saitama – December 16th to 18th

There are dozens of events on this weekend in Saitama Prefecture. Here is a selection of 20 of them.

  • Christmas
    • Candle nights
    • Christmas Markets
    • Santa Claus Visits
    • Christmas Illumination
  • Illumination
    • Light up
  • Other seasonal events
    • Ice skating
    • Strawberry picking
    • Flowers
    • Exhibition
    • Snow Park

1. Candle night at Cocoon City

The ever popular candle night(s) start at Cocoon City this weekend…

2. Tonttu Christmas from Finland

The first ever Tonttu Christmas event in the new Omiya Kadomachi…

3. Hikari Market

The 2022 Christmas Market starts at Saitama’s newest and coolest entertainment town!

4. A very berry Christmas market

Saitama’s most popular Christmas market…

5. Scandinavian Christmas Market

For one weekend only at the Honjo Brick Warehouse…

6. Even more Christmas Markets

Another three Christmas Markets on this weekend in Saitama…

7. Santa Claus Visit

Most of the Santa Claus visits are next weekend, but here’s one place you can visit with Santa this weekend…

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8. Christmas illumination

Saitama’s newest Christmas Illumination spot:

9. Starlight Illumination

One of the best illumination displays to visit with children:

10. Asaka Illumination Switch on

This year, the Asaka Illumination is three times larger than last year. They will have a switch on event with a Christmas market on Friday the 16th…

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11. Memories of Light

Seibuen replaced ‘Lantasia’ with a new type of illumination this year…

12. Tobu Zoo illumination

One of the biggest and most popular, not just in Saitama, but in the Kanto plain…

13. Kawaguchi illumination

This year, Kawaguchi’s ‘Fantasy Lights’ Illumination is particularly popular…

14. Mushroom House Light Up

A weekly weekend event in Hanno’s Tove Jansson park…

15. Numakage Ice Rink

Saitama City’s beloved seasonal outdoor ice rink starts up again this weekend…

16. Strawberry picking Higashimatsuyama

One of the most affordable in the whole prefecture…

17. Strawberry picking selection

Some of the picking farms on this list are now open for the 2023 season, including Kanto’s largest strawberry picking farm…

18. Daffodils

According to Gongendo Park, some of the half a million daffodils are already in bloom (but January is the best time to see them)…

19. Immersive Van Gogh

Due to popular demand, the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit at Kadcul was extended…

20. Snow Park

Sayama Ski Resort, in Tokorozawa, indoor snow park and indoor skiing / snowboarding…

Hope you have a great weekend wherever you end up. Please do share this or any post linked in this post to support this blog – it costs you nothing, but is priceless to me. Thank you.


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