Saitama Weekender: Events February 8th – 11th

A summary of events on in Saitama from February 8th to 11th. All of these (and more) are on the events calendar, but when I post information for an event on the events calendar unfortunately it doesn’t get sent out to subscribers the way a new post does. To bridge that gap, I am posting a summary of this weekend’s events to go straight to your mail boxes.

This weekend in Saitama

Its a beautiful time of the year. The wintersweet is still in bloom. The plum blossoms and Kawazuzakura are peeping their way through. There will be more flower festivals in the coming weeks, but this week there is only a couple of big ones, listed below in our selection of eleven events happening in Saitama this weekend. Plus two special events happening early next week.

Events starting in Saitama this weekend

Three long term events will start in Saitama this Saturday February 8th.

  1. Spring Festival starts at Shinrin Park
  2. Hina Dolls display at Toyama Memorial Museum
  3. Tokorozawa Dolls Festival

Spring Festival Shinrin Park – Shinrin Park celebrates spring longer than most with their 3 month spring “festival”. It starts this Saturday February 8th and runs until May.

Hina Doll’s Display Kawajima – The Toyama Memorial Museum, a heritage house in Kawajima Town, will display their traditional hina dolls from this weekend.

Tokorozawa Doll’s Festival – another place with a hina matsuri festival is the city of Tokorozawa. From this weekend you can view dozens of displays around the city and even participate in a stamp rally.

Finishing up in Saitama next week

There are four long term events finishing up in Saitama either this weekend or by Friday next week; Valentines day.

4. Satte Daffodil Festival
5. Tobu Winter Illumination
6. Keyaki Hiroba Night Illumination
7. Cocoon City Winter Illumination

Satte Daffodil Festival – held annually from January to mid February, the Satte Daffodil Festival in Gongendo Park will finish this Sunday February 9th.

⑤Tobu Winter Illumination – the night illumination at the Tobu Zoo Hybrid Park is one of Saitama’s biggest and most popular. This is the last weekend you can see it as it will finish on Valentine’s Day, Friday February 14th.

⑥Keyaki Hiroba Fantastic carnival – the winter illumination at Saitama Shintoshin will, like Tobu Zoo’s, finish on Valentine’s day.

⑦Cocoon City illumination – Saitama Shintoshin’s neighbor Cocoon City will also end their 2019/2020 night illumination on Valentine’s day 2020.

Limited Events in Saitama this weekend

8. El Reiwa
9. Butter making at Saitama Children’s Zoo

⑧El Reiwa is a limited edition electronic locomotive currently operating on the Chichibu Railway line from Kumagaya to Chichibu. There are two different types, one of which is the color of the famous wintersweet on Mt Hodo in Nagatoro.

⑨Butter making at Saitama Children’s Zoo – once a month you can make butter at the Saitama Children’s zoo. This month, that is on Sunday February 19th.

Ongoing Events in Saitama

10. The Beauty of Japanese swords
11. Numakage Ice Rink

The Beauty of Japanese Swords Exhibition at Sayama Municipal Museum.

Numakage Ice Rink – a seasonal outdoor rink at Numakage park.

Events taking place early next week in Saitama

Amazake Festival – There are some really special cultural events on early next week in Saitama. On the evening of Monday the 10th and public holiday Tuesday the 11th the ancient festival of Amazake is being held at Umenomiya in Sayama City. This is one of Saitama’s most precious and famous festivals.

Oibukuro Bow Ceremony – Also, on public holiday Tuesday the 11th of February there is another traditional festival in the Oibukuro Hikawa Shrine in Kawagoe. It is a short early morning festival, but rich in custom and culture. There are three elements to this festival: archery, tofu and sweet sake!

Cancelled Events

Due to the warmer than normal winter, please note that the Ashigakubo Icicles were cancelled at the end of January and the Otaki Ice Festival is only on weekends this year with no charge in. Onouchi Hyakkei has also waived the entry fee due to the lack of icicles, but the area is opened as scheduled.

There are maps, official websites and other details on each of the event posts linked in this article. I hope you have a great weekend wherever you end up.

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