The rainbow towns mascots in the car park of Cainz Super Mall Kawajima Interchange

Information for the Cainz Super Mall, Kawajima Interchange, and its annual Rainbow Festival. The Rainbow Festival is a small local type mascot event, with the mascots from each of the Rainbow Cities of Saitama Prefecture. The Rainbow Cities are Kawajima, Kawagoe, Moroyama, Ogose, Sakado and Tsurugashima. More information about the festival and the rainbow cities and their mascots at the bottom of the post.

If you are coming from Kawagoe, Saitama City or Fujimi direction to take the Ken-o expressway, you can’t miss this “super mall”. It is just before the slip road to the highway. It is an outdoor mall, with – for the most part – each individual shop within its own stand alone building. There are a few different eateries. They are convenient for users of the Ken-o expressway for a quick a bite to eat and / or a take-away coffee.

Cainz Super Mall


Starbucks Drive Through Saitama Cainz Super Mall Kawajima Interchange

Without a doubt, the most popular store at the Cainz Super mall is the Starbucks. Not least of all because it has a drive through. I confess; I occasionally treat myself to a Frappuccino at the drive through before going on a long road trip using the Ken-o expressway!


The largest of the shops at the Cainz Super Mall Kawajima is the eponymous Cainz. Cainz is a home and gardening center. This branch also has a Cainz Cycle Park and a Cainz Pet. The Cainz is the only one of the shops in the mall that has a food court in it. It is a small food court with just three food counters, one of which is a KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, there is also a lovely cafe in the mall:

Cafe Bricco

Cafe Bricco Cainz Super Mall Saitama

Cafe Bricco does a surprisingly good muffin. And they are reasonably priced. If you buy three you get a further discount. Its not uncommon for them to sell out of muffins by early afternoon! The cafe also sells a range of coffee drinks, hot dogs and ice cream. The ice-cream is really good value at only 100 yen. It is a smaller than normal size, but perfect for a toddler. There is seating available or you can get take out. There is a USB port and charging available at counter seats. The whole of Cainz has free Wi-Fi.


The Kawajima Branch of Tsutaya is a small to medium sized branch. When you visit with children, they often give you free coloring pages or out of season campaign goods. They have a great selection of magazines, a moderate selection of books, a fair choice of stationery, a reasonable selection of toys, a sizeable selection of rental CDs and DVDs, but only a small selection of CDs and DVDs to buy. 2021 update: There used to be a small play area in this branch, but unfortunately they removed it. Also, they no longer rent CDs or DVDs.

They hold an event together every 3rd Sunday of the month at 3 pm. For one of the more recent events (2016) Crayon Shinchan visited, much to the delight of all the kids. Parents can enjoy a Starbuck‘s coffee while the kids enjoy storytelling. Update 2021: unfortunately, they no longer hold events. Parking is free. Hours are 9 am to 11 pm, but there is a drop box for leaving back rented goods out of hours.

Basha Michi

There are two Basha Michi restaurants at the Cainz Super Mall at the Kawajima Interchange. One is the eponymous “Basha Michi”, the other is one of their spin off restaurants. Basha Michi is a Western style chain restaurant. They change their menu frequently, sometimes its great, sometimes not so much. But they always have the never-disappointing drink bar! The other Bashi Michi group restaurant at Cainz Super Mall is a chicken restaurant “Tori Sai“. The latter is surprisingly good and moreover its reasonably priced.

Web page for the Kawajima Interchange Basha Michi

Web page for the Tori Sai


The Cainz Super Mall also has:

  • Beisia Supermarket
  • A hairdressers and a Barber’s
  • “Meets” 100 yen store
  • Shimamura – clothes, shoes, night wear, bed linen
  • Denkichi – electrical store that sells toys as well
  • A coin laundry

Rainbow Festival

Rainbow Festival in Kawajima Town, Cainz Super Mall

The mall hosts a “Rainbow Festival” each Autumn. The featured photo is from the 2015 “Rainbow City” festival. It is held in the car park of Cainz. There are six cities in Saitama Prefecture that are known as the Rainbow Cities. (In some regions of Japan, it is said there are only six not seven colors of the rainbow). Mascots from each of those cities participate in the rainbow festival. They are:

Rainbow City Mascots

  • Tokimo from Kawagoe,
  • Kawabe and Kawamin from Kawajima,
  • Umerin from Ogose,
  • Tsurugon from Tsurugashima,
  • Sakaron and Sakacchi from Sakado,
  • Moromaru from Moroyama

In 2022, the festival will be held on Saturday October 1st from 10 am to 2.30 pm. You can get your photo taken with your favorite mascot! Some local heroes are scheduled to make an appearance and a cheesy skit too! There will also be some dance performances. Official event webpage.

>>If you are a fan of mascots, check out this mascot festival, a Guinness World Record mascot festival, right here in Saitama Prefecture.<<

Kawajima Interchange

The Kawajima Interchange is an entrance / exit of the Ken-o expressway. Keno expressway links to Tohoku expressway in the East and to the Kanetsu in the West. As such, Kawajima Interchange is used by people heading to Tokyo or Tochigi in the East and to Gunma, Nagano in the West. The Ken-o itself goes all the way to Narita Airport. It takes less than an hour and a half from Kawajima Interchange to Narita interchange on the Ken-o. And then about 10 minutes from the interchange to the airport.

Access Cainz Super Mall Kawajima Interchange:

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