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If you are looking for a cheap but really impressive thing to do for half an hour on a rainy day, the planetarium at Sakado Play Centre is really worth considering. You don’t have to have children with you to enjoy this state of the art planetarium. So long as you pay the nominal entry fee, everyone is welcome. Each Saturday and Sunday they have Megastar Fusion show. Reportedly, Megastar Fusion is the most advanced projection system in the world. If you do have kids with you, you can easily spend a half day or more at the play center where the planetarium is housed. More about the play center below the planetarium information.

Sakado Play Centre Planetarium

Sakado Children’s Community Centre is most famous for its planetarium. It’s 10 metre dome is part of Ohira Tech’s research facilities. They are conducting next generation application research which people can enjoy at Sakado before they become available elsewhere. Every Saturday and Sunday, they have a special 30 minute show using the latest megastar fusion technology. From May 11th 2024 it is the Tanabata story. Schedule:

  • Saturday May 11th at 2 pm
  • Sunday May 12th at 11 am and again at 2 pm
  • Saturday May 18th at 2 pm
  • Sunday May 19th at 11 am and again at 2 pm
  • Saturday May 25th at 2 pm
  • Sunday May 26th at 11 am and again at 2 pm.

The planetarium only costs 100 yen for people from Sakado City AND the surrounding towns / cities of Kawagoe, Kawajima, Tsurugashima, Moroyama, Ogose and Hatoyama. For everyone else its only 200 yen – for adults, there is no charge for children. The schedule each month is only released a few days before the month begins. Please check Sakado City website for the schedule after May 2024.

Sakado Play Center

My kids really enjoyed Sakado Play Center when they were small. Particularly the zorb! Pictured above. But the center has a lot to do, even for older kids…


Other facilities in the centre include a trampoline, climbing rope, push along cars, a make-believe kitchen, walls of toys, a baby and toddler room, a library room and a ping pong table. Outside there is playground equipment and right beside it is a little park with playground equipment.

Every year on May 5th, children’s day in Japan, there is a live presentation at the planetarium by the planetarium creator himself; Mr Takayuki Ohira. It is one of the most popular events at the Sakado children’s center. The center also holds weekly, monthly and periodical events including mother and baby classes.


Facility: Sakado Play Center and Ohira Planetarium

There is a baby diaper changing area and also a section for nursing mothers in the center.

Address : 23 Ashiyama cho, Sakado City (Map below)


The planetarium and play center is about a four minute walk from KitaSakado Train Station on the Tobu Tojo Line. The Sakado planetarium and play center is 2 minutes by car from the School for the Deaf intersection on route 407.  There is parking for about 10 cars.


If you are coming by car and would like to have a nice lunch in comfort and maybe a 3D Latte, Chocotea is a lovely little place nearby and they have parking too.

Official web page on the Sakado City website.

More play centres in Saitama.

Bonus Content: Mizohata (Mizobata) Park

There’s a small park nearby, just a few minutes walk, with a nice piece of playground equipment.  A flying-fox-coaster! That’s my made up name for it, not sure if it has an official name. It’s a flying fox that goes around and up and down, reminded me of a rollercoaster… 

Mizohata park near Sakado Planetarium

It also has a very basic little maze, visible in the first and second photo in the gallery, with fun play areas in it such as a tunnel, a little house and a slide. There are lots of speaking tube toys; where tubing connects sound horns and other speaking boxes to allow voices to travel to separate points. There are 3 slides, two built like animals and one is a roller slide, 4 swings, a sandpit and 4 spring animals/ vehicles.


On Google maps as Mizobata Park. In Japanese: 溝端公園

Address: 〒350-0274 Saitama, Sakado, Mizohatacho, 6−6−6. View on Google Maps.

Phone: 0492831331

Hours: open 24 hours

Cost: free

OP.Wp1704.20130530. Last update April 30th 2024. Mizohata WP2449.201311.13


  1. Hi, I’m visiting Wako for a few weeks with a 1.5 year old toddler and I’d like to find out more info about these Children’s community centers. Can anyone go, or do you have to be a resident of the prefecture? I love the blog! Thanks for any info you might have!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much. I actually asked at our nearest Centre last year if visitors from abroad can use them as my Sister-in-Law was visiting and they told me anyone from anywhere are free to use them, the only condition is you have to sign in and circle 市外 to indicate you live outside that particular area. They are great facilities. I wish we had them in Ireland too.

      Thanks again for your comment.

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