The Sakado Yosakoi traditional dance festival will be opened on the evening of the 9th. The street parade and stage performances are scheduled for the 10th and 11th. This event used to take place in summer. However, due to it’s acclaim and popularity, from this year this event will be held in OCTOBER, to accommodate its growing size.

sakado yosakoi
From the Sakado City Commerical and Labor Division

Despite only 15 years of history, Sakado Yosakoi is making a name for itself as one of the biggest Yosakoi traditional dance festivals in the whole of Japan. You can enjoy food, drink, music, dance, street and stage performances over the 2.5 day period.

The opening night festivities are conducted on the South side of Sakado station. The parade is conducted on the North side of that station. The main stage is almost half way between Sakado and Kita-Sakado stations; it is marginally closer to the latter. At Kita-Sakado station there are other designated festival areas.

The festival is managed by the Sakado City Hall, the phone number is 049-283-1331, extensions 347 and 346. The official webpage is

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