A sake festival in Saitama Shintoshin Sake Jump also known as Dawn of Youth

Information for the 2023 “Sake Jump” event, a type of sake festival, at the Keyaki Hiroba in Saitama Shintoshin. (Sake as in the Japanese drink!)

Sake Festival Sake Jump Saitama

The event is actually called “Dawn of Youth” 若手の夜明け in Japanese, but they gave it the name “Sake Jump” in English. From what I can tell, it is a travelling Sake festival. This post contains information for their Spring Sake Jump, a Sake Festival, which will be held at the Keyaki Hiroba in Saitama Shintoshin. According to the organizers, Cland, it is the ‘only sake event in the world where young breweries gather’.

Sake Jump dedicates itself to uplifting creative sake brewers around the world to the next level. Founded in 2007 by young brewers, “Sake Jump” is best known for its opportunities to meet with the next generational leaders of the sake brewers and taste their sake. We believe that most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse sake and people come together. 
Tasting is believing! 

The official Sake Jump Website

The system

The entrance fee is 1500 yen. It comes with a coin and an ochocko (sake cup). However, if you purchase the tickets in advance of the event, you get two coins with the purchase. One coin can be exchanged for one drink. Additional coins cost 1500 yen for 5 coins, 3000 yen for 10 coins. The entry ticket comes with original sake cup (ochoko) in a box. But they will actually be using disposable cups for the sake this year, due to the pandemic. That is, you don’t use the ochoko you get with the entry ticket. There are a limited number of ochoko, when they run out they will just charge 1000 yen for admission with one coin.


Event: Sake Jump aka “Dawn of Youth” 若手の夜明け

Date: Friday March 17th to Sunday March 19th 2023

Time: 12 noon to 9 pm on Friday the 17th and until 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Cost: 1500 yen for an ochoko cup and a coin. You will get two coins if you purchase in advance. Ticket page here.

Venue: Keyaki Hiroba, Saitama Shintoshin, Chuo Ward, Saitama, 330-0081. The map is at the bottom of the post.

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Access Saitama Shintoshin

The festival is on in the Keyaki Hiroba of Tamaari Town aka Saitama Shintoshin. (They tried to re-market the area as Tamaari town around 2 or 3 years ago, but it didn’t really stick! It is rarely called Tamaari town, most locals still call it Saitama Shintoshin!) Saitama Super Arena is one part of Saitama Shintoshin. Thus, sometimes they call the area Saitama Super Arena.

Saitama Shintoshin Tamaari town is a 2 minute walk from JR Saitama shintoshin Station, about a 7 minute walk from JR Kitayono Station and there is parking available. However, the car parks are often crowded and costs 400 yen for the first hour and 200 yen for every subsequent hour.

Official website.

Live updates on Twitter: 

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