saitama sakura watch 2021

Saitama Sakura Watch 2021

Hi! Apologies in advance that is quite basic, but I want to make the information available asap. I am getting a LOT of direct messages with queries about Saitama Cherry Blossoms. Thank you so so much, it means a lot to me. However and very unfortunately, I can’t give each and every message a personalized response. I am just one Momma – of four kids with a piano recital in the morning! But what I can do, is this: a list of places that have started to bloom…

Sakura Watch 2021 ~ Already starting to bloom

This a list of the Somei Yoshino or equivalent. It is information for when the blossoms open or start to bloom. Not full bloom, although occasionally I’ve added additional updates on the progress of the blossoms! Generally, full bloom is between 4 and 7 days after the blooms open. No golden rule, some places are quicker than others. And there are always exceptions.

This list does not include weeping cherries, kanzakura or other earlier blooming cherry blossoms. Almost every place is linked to further information in English. Either about the cherry blossoms specifically or about the location. There are two places I can’t find any decent information in English online. There are, no doubt, places that are missing. I will keep researching and I will try to update daily. If you know of somewhere else that has already started to bloom – help a girl out and leave a comment! Thank you.

Since March 18th

Added after the first update:

Since March 19th

Since March 20th

March 21st

March 22nd

March 23rd

cherry blossoms and yellow flowers Omiya Hana no Oka Saitama City
cherry blossoms and rapeseed

March 24th

March 25th

March 26th

March 27th

kinchakuda rapeseed and cherry blossoms
March 27th 2021

March 28th

Its raining tonight, March 28th, that could very well change everything. We will just have to wait until the morning to see which sakura spots where stripped of their beautiful blossoms on account of the rain. Fingers crossed, the damage won’t be too bad.

March 29th

The sakura survived last night’s storm!

April 1st

The cherry blossoms have started to bloom in Minano now. They are the last (or at least one of the last) to start blooming. However, it isn’t until mid April that Minano usually looks like the “Yoshino of Kanto”, when other varieties start to bloom too. Moreover, we are at a stage now that the Somei Yoshino are starting to shed. Several places are at less than 50% of bloom already. So this is the very last update for the 2021 Somei Yoshino Saitama. I hope you enjoyed the blossoms. Don’t forget, the yaezakura and other varieties are just starting so the cherry blossom season is not over, just the somei yoshino season. Happy Spring!

Here is a map with more than 80 cherry blossoms spots in Saitama Prefecture.

Sakura Watch 2021

This is not an exhaustive list. And I am still researching other locations for their status. I will continue to update this over the coming days. I use to check on some of the most famous spots and individually check every other location either in person (I know I’m mad) or online (Twitter, individual websites etc)!

General list

Cherry Blossom Viewing SpotLocationExpected
prime viewing
Omiya Park Cherry Blossoms
Omiya Ward
Saitama City
End of March
Official website
Gongendo Park Cherry BlossomsSatte CityEnd of March
Official website
Kumagaya Cherry BlossomsKumagaya CityEnd of March
Official website
KabazakuraKitamoto CityEnd of March
Kita Asaba Sakura TsutsumiSakado CityThis week
March 15th – 21st
Shingashi River SakuraKawagoe CityEnd of March
Nagatoro Sakura**
(See paragraph below table)
Nagatoro Town
Chichibu District
Official website
Motoara River FukiageKonosu CityEnd of March
Ranzan Cherry BlossomsRanzan Town
Hiki District
End of March
Official website
Inariyama ParkSayamaEarly April
Minoyama Cherry BlossomsMinano
Chichibu District
Mid to end April
Official website
Yanasegawa SakuraShiki CityEnd of March
Tsurugashima SakuraTsurugashima CityEnd of March
100 Caves of YoshimiYoshimi Town
Hiki District
End of March
Official website
Musenyama Sakura FestivalIna CityEnd of March
Official website
Kita Koshigaya SakuraKoshigayaEarly April
Hanyu Cherry BlossomsHanyu CityEnd of March
Official website
Shiki Sakura FestaShiki CityEnd of March
Official website
Takao Sakura ParkKitamoto CityEnd of March
Kitamoto Children’s ParkKitamoto CityEnd of March
Kumagaya Air BaseKumagaya CityEarly April
Maruyama ParkAgeo CityEnd of March
Former Shimozato SchoolOgawa TownEarly April


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