Sakuranoyama Park

Sakuranoyama Park is located in Ogose Town, Saitama, Japan. It is a small park, but very picturesque in spring. As you can probably guess, it is thanks to the eponymous cherry blossoms (sakura) of the park. And as the name also suggests it is a mountainside (yama) park. The park has great views. And it leads to another small park with even better views and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Each year during the period of the cherry blossom bloom there is a cherry blossom festival in the park. General information for the park and for the 2023 cherry blossom festival are included in this post…

Sakuranoyama Park

sakuranoyama ogose

The park starts at the foot of the small Mt Taikan. The park at the top of the mount is supposedly separate. However, there is no real divide and both are so small that you wouldn’t need long to walk from the base of the mount to the top. Its only about 700 metres from one to the other.

Cherry Blossoms at Sakuranoyama Park in Ogose, Saitama Prefecture

Sakuranoyama Park has a path that winds gradually up to the first lookout which has a bird statue. There is a bench there so you can sit an admire the view. From there the incline is much steeper as it is straight up, rather than windy. There are steps etched into the mountain at this stretch.

The steps bring you out at the car park for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There is a toilet there as well as a picnic table and a slide. There are two hiking trails either side of the steps of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. One goes to Godaison. The other, the Sazanka Pass, leads to the larger Mt Otakatori.

Cherry Blossoms and seasonal flowers

There are approximately 300 cherry blossoms lining the winding mountain path. They are mainly Somei Yoshino, but there are other varieties too. They typically bloom the last week of March and the first week of April. In June, hydrangea bloom in the park. And in September there are spider lilies (aka higanbana / manjushage / mandarin flower / cluster amaryllis / cluster belladonna).

Cherry blossom festival and light up

The park usually has an annual cherry blossom festival at the end of March for two days. There was none during the height of the pandemic. But Ogose Town will host the festival in 2023. The festival is on from Wednesday March 29th to Saturday April 1st. The festival is normally (pre pandemic) on from 10 am to 8.30 pm. However, in 2023 it will be on from 10 am to 4 pm on the weekdays and until 7 pm on the Saturday.

They also light up the cherry blossoms at night during the festival and the period of full bloom. The night light period in 2023 is from Friday March 24th to Sunday April 9th. The trees are lit up from 6 pm to 9 pm. Please note, they may end the light up earlier than April 9th depending on the condition of the cherry blossoms. You can check the official event page for any last minute changes.

Sakuranoyama Information

Sakuranoyama Park, Ogose
Address:969-1 Ogose, Iruma District, Saitama 350-0416 (map at the bottom of the post)
Phone:049-292-1451 (Ogose Tourist Association)
Hours:24 hours (but parking may close)
Cost:Free and free parking
Facilities:Public toilet.
Water drinking fountain.
Pets ok.
Online:Official website


A sign for Sakuranoyama park
Sign for the park as you are coming down from the top of Mt Taikan and the Tomb of Unknown Soldiers

The entrance to the park at the foot of Mt Taikan is in the car park, which is shared with the parking for the town hall. You can also access the park from the top of Mt Taikan, at Taikanzan park where the parking for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is.

Sakuranoyama Park Ogose
Sign for the main entrance to the park from the foot of the mountain

The closest station is Ogose station which is on both the JR Hachiko line and the Tobu Ogose line. The park is within walk-able distance or you can get a bus bound for the Ogose town hall. The park is close to the town hall.

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