Santa Hills and the cover image for Santa photo op at Urawa Misono Aeon in Saitama City

Santa Saitama City – Last year, 2021, it was hard to find 10 Santa Claus meet and greet locations for the whole of the Kanto Plain (Greater Tokyo area). This year, there are more than 10 in Saitama Prefecture alone. Moreover, Santa Claus will visit at least two locations in Saitama City in 2022. This post is about his visit to the Aeon Urawa Misono branch, but he will also visit Cocoon City too.

Unfortunately, not all the locations that normally had a Santa Claus visit before the pandemic will have Santy visiting in 2022. But at least 80% of the usual locations are hosting a Santa event of some description this year. Most of them are on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but some are in the lead up to Christmas instead. You can use the Santa tag to find all the Santa Claus greeting information for 2022 on this site.

Santa Aeon Urawa Misono

The Aeon Mall is Urawa Misono is just one of the places you can visit Santa in Saitama this year. It is usually one of the first places to confirm information for the Christmas season, which is always appreciated. They weren’t actually the first this year, Metsa in Hanno were. But that was because you had to book a ticket in advance to see Santa (which are since sold out). Thankfully, the Urawa Misono Aeon do not have that stipulation. However, you have to pay 300 yen to visit with him. But if you have the Aeon Urawa Misono App on your phone you can get a 100 yen discount.

Santa Saitama
Image from the official website in 2019. ©Aeon JP Urawa Misono

Santa Claus will visit with a total of 90 families over three different time slots. So 30 families each at either 11 am, 1 pm or 3 pm. You need to have a ticket to participate, which they distribute from 10 am at the central court. Only one photo per family, taken with your own camera OR smart phone. In other words, they won’t take a photo with both a camera and a phone, you need to choose one or the other. This is quite common to keep the flow of visitors moving. The photo is taken at the Christmas tree by the Starbucks on the first floor.

Santa Saitama Information

Event: Santa Greeting / Photo サンタクロースグリーティング・撮影会

Date: Christmas Eve, Saturday December 24th 2022

Times: 11 am, 1 pm or 3 pm

Cost: 300 yen

Venue: 1F Aeon Urawa Misono, 5-5-0-1 Misono, Midori Ward, Saitama 〒336-0967. View on Google Maps.

Official event web page.

Aeon Urawa Misono has an English web page:

Aeon Urawa Misono Access

Aeon Urawa Misono is beside the  Urawa Misono station on the Saitama Rapid Railway Line in Midori-ku, Saitama.

Urawa Interchange is very close. There is parking for 4,300 cars but it is charged. You can get sometime free if you spend more than 3,000 yen in the mall or if you are using the cinema.

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