Santa Tochigi

Santa Tochigi – I have saved the best for last! Tochigi, specifically Nasu, is my personal favourite place to visit Santa. There is a lovely Christmas atmosphere in the area with lots of Christmas and Santa decorations.

Santa Tochigi

🎅Toysrus Sano

Santa Claus visits the Toysrus in Sano on December 16th. He will be available for a greeting and a photo at five different times: 11.30 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm and 5 pm. You need to have your own camera with you.

Official websiteToys R Us Sano

Toysrus JapanSanta Event Schedule

🎅Babies R Us Utsunomiya

Santa Claus visits the Babies R Us in Utsunomiya on December 23rd. He will be available for a greeting and a photo at five different times: 11.30 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm and 5 pm. You need to have your own camera with you.

Official websiteToysrus Babiesrus Utsunomiya

Toysrus JapanSanta Event Schedule

🎅Premium Outlets Sano

Santa will visit the Premium Outlets in Sano on December 16th:

Premium Outlets Santa Claus |GREATER TOKYO AREA

🎅Nakagawa Aquarium

Santa Tochigi
Image from the official site

You can see Santa in the aquarium, like quite literally IN the aquarium, every day of December until Christmas eve. The main time is from 11 am to noon, but on weekends they have an additional session at 1 pm. Tomorrow, the 16th, they have a special extra time slot at 6 pm.

Official event page: Santa in Nakagawa Aquarium

🎅Finland No Mori

Santa Tochigi
On our annual trip to the Santa in Nasu

Hands down the best Santa in the Kanto area! The great thing about this Santa is that he is available on weekdays. And he is on site daily from tomorrow until Christmas eve. He has featured on the TV quite a lot so you may have to wait quite a while to see him. December 17th and December 23rd are their busiest days so it is advised you avoid those dates where possible. Although, if you want to meet Santa for free, the 17th is the day they have a free handshaking session. All other times you need to spend over a 1000 yen on the premises to get a ticket to see Santa.

The Schedule for this year:

Santa Schedule for Finland No Mori

More information in English:

The real Santa with grotto and sleigh in Tochigi



🎅The Santa Train

Santa Ibaraki

Mooka Railway offer an incredible and very seasonal journey on a Steam Locomotive (SL) Train between the prefectures of Ibaraki and Tochigi.  For many of us, a steam train is an important part of our Christmas decorations, with prime position chugging around the base of the Christmas tree. Taking a real life steam locomotive trip around Christmas time is even more magical, but add to that the presence of SANTA CLAUS and it makes it a trip to remember for all time.

PLUS not only will Santa ride on the train with passengers, but he will give out a present AND there are also games, activities, photo opportunities and other events planned for the stations and on the train with Santa.  For example, you can get a commemorative photo with Santa with the Steam Locomotive train behind you at Motegi station.

This special event is only available for 2 days on December 16th and 17th (2017). The outbound train leaves from Shimodate Station in Ibaraki at 10.35 arriving in Motegi in Tochigi at 12.06. It returns later that day, leaving Motegi at 14.26 arriving to Mooka  (not Shimodate)Station at 15.19. It costs for an adult 1030 yen ONE WAY for the event, plus 500 yen for the steam locomotive fare. Children cost 520 yen for the event and 250 yen for the train fare. Preschool children are free. Tickets for the steam locomotive are already on sale at Midori-no-madoguchi (Reservation Ticket Office), View Plaza (Travel Service Center) at Mooka Station in Tochigi.

Official Santa Train Website: Santa Train information in Japanese from Moka City official site

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